The coronavirus and my take on it.

I certainly never seen it coming! Then I do not look for or ask to see disaster scenarios or world events like that. That’s not what I get or how my gift works as I have to ask to be told. But I have known for a while that a culling was going to start happening but just was not sure how this was going to go about happening. Whereby many souls would choose to leave in huge numbers and I mean huge noticeable numbers. So, yes thinking about it now, it did most likely mean some sort of catastrophe.

So unaware of it all exploding so close to home for me, I flew into Danang, Vietnam on the 23rd of January against all indicators coming from the Universe to go back to live there. I stubbornly kept going forward. First My flight was canceled flying back and postponed by one day, I arrived at immigration and my name on my visa was incorrect, they said I had to leave or pay an immediate fast visa fee $140 for a new visa, in which I did.  I arrived back at my apartments to find out that my old apartment had been leased and I could not get it again. My stuff was stored there so I could at least pick that up.

So, I stayed in Vietnam in a hotel just as we entered the Asian Lunar New Year holiday which meant most things were closed and it was cold and rainy in Danang then, so most people were indoors. The fear was in the air by then though, everyone was wearing the surgical masks and they were sold out everywhere. I’m normally not one to alarm easily and I don’t watch the news at all. So, I learned of this convid19 from social media and realized the enormousness of it. I mostly picked up the fear everywhere in Vietnam as there were huge amounts of Chinese tourists there at the time of the Lunar New Year holiday visiting friends and family, also being that Vietnam borders China they are close relations………… I allowed fear to set in myself and headed spirits signs about being there and boarded the earliest flight I could get out to Bali.

That was 2 weeks ago and now I am living in beautiful Bali. Of, course I’m sure we have also had the coronavirus here, I feel possibly had it about 10 days ago now, if that was what it was because it was certainly flu-like, aches, sore throat, and running nose. For me it lasted 24 hrs, I would like to say I confined myself for 14 days but no I did not and neither did the others around me that I caught it off. So, I am sure there must be a strain of it here if it is, it is just not as strong as many friends I have spoken to have said they have had it too and were recovered. Understand there is not the fear here about it at all, there is a concern but Bali is a very happy place…. The Indonesian government would never admit to having any cases of it at all for fear of losing tourism. The government here already stopping the planes from China. So they have done that much and also they have test kits for the virus but they are not using them……..I know this as my girlfriend went to the clinic a few weeks ago when she had it quite bad and they would not test her, instead they just sent her home. Indonesia does not want to know!  Anyway, for me at least I thought I am closer to home being Australian and I have a big support network of Aussies here, so is a good place to be. Everyone is happy here, enjoying life, ignorance is bliss is better than breathing in the fear that surrounds you.

So, at the time of myself having it, of course, I asked spirit and I got yes, I was also manifesting an unclear fuzzy flu head at the time and a certain amount of fear. So, who knows! I have asked again and again if I need to be concerned. I get yes, I need to take precautions and keep myself very healthy which is what I have been doing. I mega dose on vitamin c, now since flying into Bali on the 3rd of Feb and I think that is why my experience with this virus was mild………. I have also mega dose on Echinacea and Gotu kola as this helps build immunity, reduce stress, anxiety, colds & infections. At the gym getting regular exercise as well as extreme hot (sauna) and cold (very cold plunge pool) biohacking the body to better immunity.

So, asking further about this coronavirus and it is of course manufactured and released by the ruling powers that be to create chaos and the culling of humanity. This may sound extreme to some but this has been written and talked about this time in history for a very long time. It’s the time when many, many souls would be leaving. And it is also a time when we will be tested. What do I mean by that? Well I mean now its time to decide who you really are, how you live in the world, your beliefs and most importantly your knowing of yourself. That’s the test…………. Are you standing in your own light? Are you connecting regularly, being in nature or meditation, processing unproductive thinking? Or are you allowing yourself to be influenced and are you blowing in the wind with what’s going on around you?

First, you do all the things you can do for your body to be healthy, exercise, good diet, the supplement’s and everyone has their say on what’s best for this virus but most consensus is Vit C. Then work on your mind, what your allowing in, be very conscious of what you are allowing in. Yes, it is important to be informed but if it has so much negativity in it switch it off…… Care more about your own energy vibration than anything else. Fear is just not good for your energy vibration and then from there starts breaking down in your cells. Don’t forget how powerful you are, your mind is powerful with what you believe or allow to believe. Even if you are not sure, you are still allowing it in! So, what’s going on in the mind echoes throughout the entire being………… So, if your mind is never relaxed, or is stressed out it will show not only in your body but also in your auric field. Your energy body will have cracks in it and be more open to influence and attacks.

There has never been a more important time in history to be accountable for your body, mind, and spirit!

This is the test, almost like survival of the fittest as it is the strongest body, mind, and spirit that will be holding the light in these trying times and guiding others through. But with that guiding the guided need to be accountable, if they do not know by now, they need to learn fast how powerful they really are. They need to be being regularly in nature, connecting by meditating or regular meditative exercises like running, something that is exercise but you lose yourself in the repetitiveness that it’s a meditation. I recommend this firstly for those that find meditation and emptying mind difficult, do yoga or do guided meditations. Whatever to start building and developing the connection to your own divine creator aspect of yourself. Find that within you then you know how truly powerful you really are!

Ok, so why is this so more important now than it ever was? The matrix……….. No longer do we have a divine Earth matrix that spans across the planet as it once was, it has been corrupted and even more so with this planned virus release installing fear. It’s matrix programming, it’s all part of their plan to cull the population. That’s why many psychics talk of escaping the matrix or they have awoken to help others not get trapped via matrix programming. As I said it is the ruling elite, powers that be that control this matrix not just on this earth level but also in the lower ethereal levels as well.

Readers, psychics, and remote viewers are getting information from this matrix, it is not untrue, it is a very real reality in certain people’s timelines but you have a choice. Where do you want to be, what timeline do you want to hook into? What do you want for your future?  Now you can’t just think sunshine and roses and not see, hear and sense the world around you but you can choose to change your thinking on it. YOU COULD CHOOSE TO BE THE OBSERVER. You can choose to empower yourself by doing the inner work. Saying daily affirmations to self of empowerment, ritual, cleansing clearing, and protection. This is a powerful time in history don’t underestimate these things I suggest, how powerful they can be to assist you and empower yourself.

If the fear is there and it truly is more than ever now, do some work to protect yourself from it with affirmation or alchemy protections, use crystals, essences and get yourself empowered. Most importantly allow your connection with Source, allow yourself to stand in its light and radiate throughout your whole body daily. Visualize it!

Matrix programming is very powerful and don’t think they don’t use all the tricks in the book to undermine and induce fear in all of us. The coronavirus is just the latest one. Your birthright is freedom of choice and you are an aspect of divine creator. Don’t forget that, please!

Other psychics and readers as I said are telling/seeing certain aspects of a reality, as I said it doesn’t have to be yours……………. They hook into this energy and they see a lot of dark stuff, for some fear is fun, they dabble in that energy creating fear in others and it sells well. Understanding there is all sorts of dark stuff and manipulation in all sorts of forms and being selective about it is important. I’m not saying that it won’t happen or its not true. We need the death card or the tower card to come through the other side. No one said it was going to be a pleasant experience or that as we entered this Aquarian age and major planetary shifts that things would be pretty. No, I think it will be quite uncomfortable, there will be a lot of contrast and it will feel like a test of standing in the eye of a storm. It has never been a more important time in history to be selective in what you consume and know your own soul self-being.

When you do know yourself as an eternal being, you know there is never really death or complete ending to life, it just isn’t so! We are eternal souls experiencing this moment in time, don’t allow yourself to get lost in it, to get lost in the human experience that you cannot find your way….. Do your inner work to truly will empower you and you will find yourself strong as the observer. It doesn’t mean you do not care what happens to other souls, of course, you do, understand some have chosen this for soul growth or they are just tired of the earth game. Becoming this evolved soul perspective allows you to aid others around you from a stronger standpoint as well.

As an idea myself I do a lot of ethereal work now to make sure what I am getting is not matrix manipulation, not hooking into the fear. Breaking through into the higher ethereal. Now it is much harder than it used to be to free myself and cut away the webbing of the matrix for source truth to come through. Because they have upped the anti and this is a spiritual war played out before us……… Whilst I did say we need to go through this time and we do. Also, many great things will come out of it. Reliance on local will become stronger so local business will thrive, there will be division in the beginning because of the fear but we are human and we are resilient and we will want to come together to experience life. I see small communities of people laughing, gathering and enjoying life. I see a stronger mankind, less reliant on that outside of themselves and more knowing who they are and working with the earth instead of against it. I don’t see it the old way but in a new way whereby energy rules supreme. Understanding, working with and reading energy will be a given.

Now that’s not to say there is not another timeline of control, technology robotic influence and this will definitely have a major effect on many people who don’t know themselves well. It’s also not to say you cannot thrive in that world too but the key will be in knowing thy self at a soul level to survive it. These timelines are all in one simultaneously and will become ever more present depending on which you hook into at what level you are vibrating at. Your choice! What do you choose?

Get to work! Love Jule

Author: Jule