As our New World unfolds

You haven’t heard much from me for a while because I really had to get this 3D world of mine sorted. Now back on Australian shores arriving just before lockdown enabled me to purchase what I needed and educate where I could what my daughters should be taking to remain healthy.  All three daughters suffer winter asthma and the middle one a trainee nurse, has just been told she starts her nursing career early, as of this Monday at a local hospital here.

So, I admit I have allowed about a week or so of 3D fear energy to take hold of me with the what-if thinking………Fear being a great motivator to take action and very happy now that’s all sorted. So now the trust and allowing part comes in that we are fine, we will all be fine and actually we are all blessed.

Blessed in the fact that we all get a holiday, we get precious time back, most of us so lacking for time it wasn’t funny. We get time with our families and time to work on building relationship connections and it’s mostly paid by the government. Do you think many people may have wished for this, time just to stop for a while so we can get a time out to take a breath? I think so! Time to catch up on everything you were meaning to do. Most importantly time for you to connect with own soul and daydream.

So after spending some time the last few days connecting and moving into the structure of 5D again, I connected with my guides for some questions I had been wondering about and I know many others had been wondering as well………..As I viewed from that higher ethereal vantage point, now I can really see for myself the dismantling in process. The matrix weblike netting that has been laid over our planet has now got huge major holes in it. Huge gaps and very large rips, gaps that are so wide now that impossible repair. This is a wonderful feeling for me because when I saw in the past or made clearings holes in the matrix net in the past they didn’t stay, they were patched up and netted back quite fast last year. That’s the control. But that is not happening now I feel because there is not those that normally attend to this, they are taken down or have their attention taken on more pressing things. Hallelujah finally the blessings our planet has been waiting for! Note that this is a process, a spiritual war as such and we are in the midst of it now. On another timeline structure, we have already won but know it does depend on what structure YOU tune into for which outcome you see, made manifest for your own unfolding near-future reality.

So, asking with my guide about the narrative of 10 days of darkness and if this will happen? I got that it is not a blackout of power as such. We will not get a full power outage. It is no media and no internet is what I got from my guide. That’s what the days of darkness refer too, meaning you will be in the dark with what is going on in the world for a period of about a week. I didn’t get as long as 10 days but a week where we will have no clue, no information from TV or media as to what is going on……….I feel this will be a real testing time for many. However, this is a time for one’s own inner positive spiritual work and reflection. I cannot emphasize this enough, for those that are open and manifesting a brighter future for themselves this is the time to hold strong in that belief, it will feel like a test almost but if you shift your focus at this time, to the time you have been gifted with no media as a blessing. No downloads of others information but instead to get creative with your own 5D structure of what that is going to look like for you. Take the time to manifest this vision, if you want to experience it, you have to have seen it first! It is yours to create, you are the creator that moulds and shapes your world. Remember that, it’s not just words or something to do later, No now is the time to do it! Spirit said once you remove the doubt and instead have in place your own structure of what that looks like for you, that’s what timeline structure that you will be in………….. This is about you being your savior through this, you empowering yourself, not anyone else or any other entity coming to save us.

So, I didn’t get once out of the darkness no media time there would be a new digital currency, not yet. I did get a change in the monetary system but we would still have the dollar initially and it will be backed by gold. It won’t necessarily be any stronger and there will be a lot of inflation then. But precious metals will just get stronger and stronger in this time. Cryptocurrency will gain in this time as well.

BTC and cryptocurrency will take a dive just as of the time into darkness no media. I got BTC going down and hitting 3 k and bouncing in the mid 3 – 4k range just as the internet goes down. So, if you haven’t already and this is not financial advice, it is good to cash out of BTC now is what I got guided to do with my own. Then have buy orders in place and ready to buy back in, in the lower price points. The reason to have your orders already in place as when the internet comes back for us you won’t have missed the opportunity as the scramble will be on. Behind the internet down movement will still be at play, big money institutions that are left will be shuffling and restructuring.  After the internet returns around mid-April (not completely clear on timing), BTC will race higher. BTC then will go to around 10 – 11k before going sideways. Probably lots of fluctuation around this time while it settles to that 10 – 11k range for a little while.

To other questions, I had for spirit. Is 5G making the virus worse and unfortunately, I got a big yes on that. Spirit says 5G makes people lethargic and unable to repel the virus. Gradually for many places in the world slowly increasing 5G and it will kill some or have very harmful effects, but it’s like a slow process so you are not even aware it’s happening.  Again, Shungite is one of the known minerals to attenuate the 5G energy so that its harmful effects do not have a negative effect on your body the same way it would without being either on your person or around your environment.

Spirit gives confirmation that the theory of the new world order is correct in one dimension. Also correct the theory of new earth sovereignty, freedom, lower taxes, food & shelter for everyone is also correct on one dimension. It all depends on what you are giving your attention too.

Is the energy of the Galactic Federation of light to be trusted?  Yes, it is, they are here to help, some will resonate more than others with their information and we do not have to be black or white to benefit from their information. For example, I do not resonate with being of Starseed origins. A galactic being as such. I have checked many times on this one and I am a Soul Source being, predominately of human origin, which means a pure aspect direct from original Source. We are all Source beings every single entity and thing in the universe all comes from Source. However, Source wished to experience itself through many different beings and galactic beings of varying degrees are part of that. The Galactic beings are very high 11th dimensional that bring forth knowledge through a filter to advance their own soul race, whilst helping humanity evolve, by helping us they are helping their own soul advancement……….. Again, I am very much about not handing over your power to anything or anyone. Unfortunately, many do not realize they are even doing that or are just kinda sitting on the fence of wait and see. But when you do favour and take in one lot of information over another, you are allowing your energy to be hooked into that and so that’s what will unfold for you. Unless you are very strong in your faith and consciously made clear boundaries. Have decided without a doubt that you can uplift yourself through this time as a sovereign soul that’s not just following along.

So, in a nutshell, we have all been given the gift of time!

Spirit says there is no excuse to not take this time to develop your skills to empower yourself. This is not ego empowerment but spiritual empowerment. This is the choice we are given, about where your attention goes……..Really think and tune into this honestly, not just think to yourself Oh I’m a positive person, you need to monitor your own behavior at this time. If you haven’t done so already and for those that are without a doubt directing their own fate in this crazy time. Everything is more open, the energy is so ripe for you to do this. The white hats have won already. Time to work with Alchemic energy in the quantum field to bring about what reality you want to unfold for yourself. Those that work on Alchemic skills at this time (creative visualizations meditation, removing doubt and affirmative prayer) will move their energetic beings to the reality of a new earth. Remember there is many, many timelines and you are transiting on some at the same time. Which one do you want to feel your reality more on? It’s the one you give the most attention too!                                                 So, without sounding like I am hammering on about this again. We all have a choice; some have already made their choice spirit says and that is to do nothing and that’s fine. We can adjust and change our choice as we are the creator.

This new Earth beauty is unimaginable but that’s just it, you have to bring it into your imagination. It can be anything you want it to be!

Stay well, stay in love & lightness, JD

Author: Jule