Identifying with being Empath

If in these very uncertain trying times you have identified with being an Empath I would like to offer some help and words of wisdom to aid you on your path.

Seen as overly sensitive by our peers and basically the 3D harshness of this world has always been a challenge for us but now as things have ramped up, everything for an Empath just got majorly more challenging than usual. Particularly when we walk out into the world into the energy at the moment. Because as an Empath we pick up energy and other people’s energy more easily. Granted the fact that many Empaths have learned to close themselves off, of past pain or trauma has numbed them and closed them off. This they feel protects them as they navigate the world and to a certain extent it does, works well in a 3D world to not sense, feel or pick up emotion of this reality where most people have not yet learned how to manage their energy. But as we traverse towards the 5D world, it is advantageous to be the highly sensitive one, because it will be these gifts that make your intuition sharp and grounded in your wisdom.

Lately, for me, the only place I seem not to be picking up people’s fear or unsettledness is in nature and particularly the beach. Don’t underestimate the power of the beach or water as it cleanses everyone’s negative energy away……..Laying on the beach today I could sense the joy and release people were experiencing as they walked along the beach or swam in the water. This energy was so beautiful, so relaxing and grounding. Just for a moment, we could all forget about coronavirus, the state of the economy, closed businesses, loss of jobs and what the future held….. It felt like for a moment in time all that was gone as we enjoyed nature in unison (social distance honored of course).  It was pure bliss and joy and everyone was as one and the same energetically. This pleasure was in everyone’s energy field as they just soaked up the sand, sun, and sea.

As the extreme opposite is felt when needing to go to a supermarket or shopping centre. Most average person will not notice, everyone going about their business, as usual, a few things have changed, there is antibacterial wipes and crosses on the floor where we must by law keep our social distance, along with signs everywhere to remind us it’s our civic duty to stand away from others………… And that’s not really the problem, as an Empath, you will pick up people’s energy unwittingly when you go in these places. Personally, I cannot, not feel it or pick it up. It feels like fear, it feels dense and heavy. Unsettleness is combined with a what-if, just in case and I don’t know what tomorrow could look like energy. If all that energy wraps up to equal fear or not, it is certainly uncertainty angst energy. Basically it feels bloody horrible because more people are emanating that than anything else, even if they are conscious of it or not…………… In general, the smiles are gone, there is a busy hurriedness to get your business done and get the hell out before you may catch something. This is so, so sad as we are separated like this….. There certainly is no love and unity connection and that’s what makes me so sad when I am in these places. Because before it used to be quite neutral for me, some areas denser than others but in general all energies were felt differently to me. Now they feel almost all the same heavy, uncertain, fearful and tired energy.

Now from a law of attraction perspective, it could be said that I am reflecting back to myself what I am feeling inside………And to a certain extent, this is true, but I tried the smile joy and connection I usually put out whilst navigating in public in the beginning and was looked at with complete mistrust. I think it’s a very interesting time of learning more about oneself for sure and understanding human nature.

So, I know it’s a tough time for all at the moment but for Empaths, you will understand what I mean by it is very hard to escape it. I believe we should not close ourselves off to feeling energy but instead to understand it. Transmute the energy with clearing techniques. As if we close off more now, that is closing and denying a very special part of us that makes us so unique. I think just being conscious about it helps and know that it won’t last forever like this. Understanding why with compassion it’s happening and understanding ourselves our own empathic nature. Grounding in nature as much as possible and continuing following your passion for something you love. Something creative is always so helpful, music, dance and exercise help us so well. You may already be doing clearing and or breathing meditations to transmute negative energy. Be conscious you may need to do more of it.

What I wanted to portray to you today is acceptance, be accepting of yourself now more than ever. It doesn’t matter if no one else gets you. Don’t withdraw. I know we are meant to self-isolate now but you can still express yourself and get emotional energy cleared. Even though this uncertainty fear energy may not be yours alone but you are certainly feeling it. You the Empath are processing it and clearing it for the collective conscious. This is big, it is part of our soul purpose path as Empaths to help clear this. Do you think the average person is conscious enough to understand this about emotion, I think not but instead they will push it down, dismiss it and not deal with it. This is you Empath doing your bit to uplift for humanity by processing and releasing it in yourself.

Please make sure you are doing more self-care at the moment and releasing the energies you pick up. Being in the water is magic, bathing in magnesium bath or Shungite stones in your bath water also changes your energy field for the better. Keep up daily empowerment music or affirmations whatever you were using before to aid you, make sure you amp it up because you need it. Don’t close yourself off to be unfeeling, overwhelmed or numbed that’s not the answer as that will close off all your much-needed precious gifts. It’s this very high sensitivity that are your precious gifts of sight, knowing and intuition. Know that these gifts are your guiding light in this turbulent time. And whether you know it or not you are a beckon of light for others particularly in your own area.

Unfortunately, I see a lot more people with depression and anxiety problems as this current timeline unfolds, we should particularly be paying close attention to our youth as life will not be unfolding as they thought it once was going to be……… Many of these youngsters are Empaths and highly sensitive ones, I certain amount of them seem like they have their own resilience for sure which will be there soul grouping of birth arrival time.  But many will need our assistance. Regardless we all have the responsibility to not stop looking out and reaching out for one another.

Being that we cannot connect the same way in person as we used too, now we should utilize the internet or telephone to connect more now, more than ever. And I don’t mean this limited one word or few word responses we are all known for on social media. The, how can I express myself in as least words necessary phenomenon in our society. Because people just don’t give a shit if they connect or not. It is very sad, it’s not connection but misconnection!

When you really connect with someone you give them a blessing, your time, caring and connection. This is a priceless gift for many that now more than ever are lonely and isolated. As an Empath, you can reach out to others as you will have the understanding and compassion that is needed. Now is the time to be more open, give of ourselves and share. You will find a new purpose. As we are all negotiating this new strange time we are also learning to be more masterful, evolving our souls and becoming better humans.

Much love always JD

Author: Jule