Light energy look week 18th May for Alts strength

What am I looking for here, strength & price movement in a particular Altcoin for this week and going into next week only. Never asked this to spirit before. So, not sure how accurate it will be in a limited timeline like this, we will not have long to wait to see how if it plays out. Not financial advice of course just asking to see, have not done all Alts only selected the ones that came to mind. I’m doing this obviously for curiosity, because to find out what to cash out and what to leave alone. Thought you may be curious to the info also.

UTrust – Yes strength continuing up. Steady this week and next up and up

Matic – strong this week and next week, up and up

ADA – Asked to see the chart got shown it higher and higher, up and up

DGB – Next week will start it’s moves up

Safe Moon – Up this week and sideways next week

Dent – up this week and next week sideways

XRP – up and up both this week and next

ZIL – End of this week and next week, up and up

I see it as a curious playing of light energy just to see. Don’t count on it! It’s easy and fun when chatting to spirit doing it but afterward writing it out in my 3D mind I get a bit anxious because of the tight timeline. Let’s just see anyway! I would have done more but I got interrupted.

Author: Jule