Coin Requests from 18th May

Hi All, hope you are well, its not great to see most of our Alts i the red. But I still get them higher coming up and it just a correction in their charts as needed.

Winning 11 Alts for this week 19th May –

Zilswap, Contentos, Gero Wallet, Starship, Kisha Inu, NFT art Finance, ThetaFuel, Helium, Synthetix, Freeway Token, Celcius

If I have time this week I will read these extra but only if time allows –

Kasuma, Eth, Akash, Solana, Fantom

So lets start with the first 4 –

Zilswap – This one good Energy, will be around long term.  Good investment – steady. 3rd quarter $570 and next year up around $1500.

Contentos – COS, I have read this before last year 1st Aug 2020 and I have just got exactly the same thing.  I have just looked it up to cross reference. I was out on prices for end of 2020 but not on the energy. Last year got this is slow moving, will not have good gains until 2022. This is exactly what I got today……… It has good energy but it is for next year, kicks in 2022. This year 3rd quarter 2021 I get it getting to 0.08 and currently it sits at 0.02. I just get its slow moving.

GeroWallet – 0.83 now, has good energy but spirit says good investment not so much. Can double 3rd quarter then top out and go backwards.

Starship – I keep getting the Nicki Minaj song in my head every time I think of this one………Starship were meant to fly, hands up, and reach the sky! Lol    Been getting it all day. I take this as a positive sign. Asked if I should get this one and I got yes get it sooner than later. Currently, at the time of this reading 0.16, This will be around for a while and is a good investment. It has good energy. Got it getting in 3rd quarter $3- $5 and then in 4th quarter this one continues up. Between $6 – $9

Ok, more again soon, blessings!

Author: Jule