New Alts requests 20th May

Kisha Inu – at this reading 0.00000001 Spirit did not like energy or give me much at all on this. Not good investment for this year, maybe next year may get some strength. Not really doing much or surviving though.

NFT Art Finance – This has good energy. Its not that great investment this year though. Hard pressed trying to get much movement for this year but next is good. Next year is better and money to be made 2022.

Theta Fuel – Tfuel 0.24 this has good energy and is a good investment. Not huge this year, the highest I get it 2021 is 0.42 . Will do best in 2022 and 2024, will have to check this closer again.

Helium – HNT – around $13 now, its maybe good energy just maybe is all I could get. Top price I can get for it for 2021 is $17. Good investment, yes after it has a restructure. Better in 2022 if they make the needed changes. Must look it again down the track to see if there is better energy.

Author: Jule