21st May 2021

Hi all, hope you are all feeling better now our market is recovering a little. Bit of a dent in the Altcoin prices and won’t be the last one either. However all and all, the Alts are still heading higher for end of June and in 3rd quarter. I did just release a video about this today. In it explaining how this affects the altcoins, most of them as a whole, pushing the timelines. Further filling in the picture from piecing together the puzzle of the crazy crypto market.

Lets have a look at some alts in the reports –

CR 1

Stellar – XLM currently around 0.40 this has been one of the slower of the originals to take off in this last run and really has not had its time to shine yet. But don’t fear because it will in 3rd quarter and 4th quarter.  It should have done far better than what it has so far. You will make money from this but it is no longer the original Stellar it was 3 years ago. Whether you think this will be the new world currency or not, it is and has the energy similar to XRP. Its not easy to read, it could be cloaked.

Wazirx – WRX – $1.39 I get it only getting to $4.30 in June now which has certainly slowed it course projection but not by much. Because in 3rd quarter $29 and 4th quarter $44 so its changed slightly but not a lot. Will keep an eye on as we progress.

Vechain – currently 0.13 after loosing some great ground. Lets just see it as the filling gaps in the chart as needed before we progress higher. June 2021 I see it only at 0.30 now after all these down market moves. It will of course gather strength again and come back strong.  3rd quarter I get it around $3.80 and continuing up into 4th quarter being strong at $16.50………….2022 will have it gaining even further great strength and so the 2022 ATH price has not changed and is still on track.

From CR 2 lets look at –

Polygon matic – at this read $1.87 now I get this getting to around $2.10 – $2.50 end of June. 3rd quarter will get to around $9.60 now and 4th quarter $15. Prices are on track for next year. Don’t forget spirit really likes the energy of this one and it will do well.

Loopring – LRC, greater profits still to be had this year for this one. Current price at read – 0.40 and will get to June 2021 – $1.50 – $1.70, in 3rd quarter $9.10 and 4th quarter $18

Litecoin – LTC – was my first crypto love, altcoin I ever purchased back when Charlie Lee still owned it. You are not meant to get attached to your crypto cause its not good investing I know. I sat in a little LTC for nearly 3 yrs before it came to price well over my initial investment. Litecoin still has great energy. I know it lost favor and position in top 10 but In fact I get it getting back up there and one of the strongest. In June, I only getting it to $250 now because of recovery but in 3rd and 4th quarter will do amazing. So, for the 3rd quarter I get it higher now at $670 and in 4th quarter the same as I had before the magic 1k mark.

Ok everyone, happy crypto vibing, we will come through this stronger and wiser!

Author: Jule