Spirit press 24th May

Hi Everyone, hope you are well! I have just relocated to a hotel today, for my last week waiting for settlement now. Happy to be closer to the beach. What a crap show the Alts look now, I am remaining optimistic for a bit of up before Cashing more out.

Ok let’s have a look at some new ones –

Synthetix – SNX  at the time of this read this one is $17.14 Spirit does not really like the energy of this one. I could not get good energy on it. Yet you can make some money this year.  So for this one I got it at a good investment but not so for next year. I don’t know why and will need to look at it again towards the end of this year. As it will stay around for a while. So, for 2021 I get it at $33 but as I said need to look at it again further along once it reaches that.

Freeway Token – FNT at this ready 0.12  Sorry another not great energy, spirit does not like it. Does get a good investment either. Don’t get it will stay around either. Spirit just says no!

Celisius – CEL  at the time of this read $6.35 This is a good investment. Good energy and spirit likes this. This will also be around for a long time. It will do steady and well this year but even better next year. For 2021 CEL ill get to around $26 and even stronger next year. Will need to keep an eye on this one! Lots of potential!

I am sorry with me being so transient at the moment I have only been able to read 11 new altcoins.

Please submit Kusuma, ETH, AKASH and Solana for next week. So, I have more time to read them for you!

Note, about a month or so ago, I had asked spirit briefly for myself but not prices regarding investing Solana, Kusuma, and Akash. The only one spirit told me to invest in was Solana. Which I did. But that does not they may have good prices at a future time.

Author: Jule