Spirit Press 25th May

Ethereum Currently only $2600 a big drop to where we were a week or so ago. ETH has good energy and is a good investment. Spirit likes it without a doubt. However, what it’s had and coming up is its main biggest runs in 2021. It will get back to what it was no problem this year. Getting between $4500 3rd quarter and around $5300 4th quarter. As I said it seems its most gains are this year and things will balance but with still steady slow – medium growth next year 2022. Unless anything changes with it, I got In 2023 it will finally get past its 10k mark.

Kusama has good energy but initially slower investment. Spirit says not a good investment, not at the moment anyway. It will stay around and I got it does better in 2023. Would have to look at this again.

Akash, Spirit gave me not great energy, not great investment. However, this will be around for a while. Will be just slower perhaps coming better in 2023 but really have to look at this again. Just not getting much good energy on it at the moment.

Solana – Currently around $28, this one is a good investment and is a great energy. I got guided to buy this again today as I only got a couple last time I asked as they were expensive. I get that this one will be around $90 – $110 this year. This is going to be worth a lot one day. In the thousands eventually. So is a great investment with great energy.

Thank you all for your continued support. Looking forward to a healthy recovery this next days and weeks.

Blessings all, Jule

Author: Jule