Super Moon Energy

Hi Everyone, not sure if you can feel it or not but the Energy has shifted. Its weird, we have had power outs, rolling blackouts here in Queensland in the last 36 hrs. And today the Luna Super moon is powerful energy. The tide has shifted in crypto as well to the positive. So lots of intense energy all around.

I’m feeling blessed, relieved happy energy myself being just a step closer to my goal of being settled in one place.

Ok today I looked at Cosmos, Bonfire, Glitch Protocol and Swissborg

Cosmos – currently at his read -$14.63 This has good Energy and is a Good Investment. It will be here for a while but looks to fade from end 2024/2025……….. This year I get it getting to around $40

Bonfire – 0.00000020 This one is good Energy and is Good Investment……Woop Woop! Kinda get an on fire energy for it, definitely want to look at it again. This will be around for a while well past the above one. I get it can get to around 0.01 this year 2021

Glitch Protocol – GLCH at this read – $0.83 Is it a good energy? No from spirit and good investment? Maybe, undecided, you can make some money but don’t get it will survive though. Will get to around $3.50 this year 2021.

Swissborg – CHSB – This is good! Will be here for a long time. It will go from strength to strength over the years. Feel I should buy some. This year will get to $12 and continue strength to be a great secure gainer.

Ok Peeps that’s all I have for you today! Until next time, blessings & happy Super Moon!

Author: Jule