Coins for 27th May

Hi All, Hope you are well!

Well, I cashed out last night Aussie time of the Supermoon it had a little spike. It’s certainly a time-consuming and bigger feat to do than you actually realize. Oh, and those fees on exchanges can be very high. Bittrex was one of the highest I came across. Glad to be mostly off that exchange now, as I don’t really like it. Remember previously getting not great energy for Bittrex. Only have a smallholding of Tenx pay left on Bittrex now to allow this to come to fruition when it finally does.

Ok let’s have a look at a few coins –

Metamoon – currently 0.00000003, It does have good energy yes, but a good Investment not yet. It will take time………… Like it may get to move up 2 zeros this year with the hype run coming. But its really a better investment in 2023.

Clucoin – CLU 0.00000021 Good energy well No, Good investment and No again, not really anyway. Very hard to get clarity on this, like pushing something uphill. Conflicting and unsure. Look it may get to 0.005 with the hype run but won’t last long, won’t stay around. Sorry that’s what I got!  Could look it again some may happen but not at this stage.

Verge- XVG I used to like this and hold a little waiting back for the ALT of it again. It will get back to its ATH again this year, I got this last time when I read it and I got it again today. Just slow much past that. Is undecided energy as may be a problem with the team, something going on there.

SafeMoon Cash – It does have Good Energy and it is a Good Investment just not this year. Real gains won’t come to 2022. There is people working really hard on this. It will happen just a little more down the track. It will surely stay around.

Ok, that’s my today’s reads, blessings everyone!

Author: Jule