Spirit Press 28th May 2021

Lets look at –

Yummy hmmmm not so Yummy! Currently 0.000049 Good Energy is undecided, Spirit would not give me much. Except to say not good Investment and not going to survive long term.

Pig Finance – 0.00000029 Farming Token. Got Good energy but another that’s not around a long time. Not good investment says Spirit.

Pixl Coin – PXL – 0.00 Good Energy or Good Investment NO!

Coming through whilst asking Spirit, I get. So, all very well if a crypto has a good energy, but if not a good Investment as well and staying around, Its no good to you! Unless you’re the team that’s doing for the love of the project, then sure you are developing for the love passion of your project. As people do but does not always end success. However, from a investor perspective, no point to wait around holding a bag.

Ok lets have a look at some Alts in the reports –

CR 1 – PundiX Look it still have good energy, but is it a good investment now in mid 2021 maybe not as much. New Today I get it will get to around $5 this year. It will not get to its predicted  $17 now to 2022.

CR 2 –

Omesigo – OMG network – This one is pretty much on track for 2nd quarter still, believe it or not but get it having a run, once it gets out of this, whats going on now. Maybe it may be July it hits 2nd Q price in report. And for 3rd Q I get around $70 and 4th quarter $80. So It is seemed whats going now now and with the continuation of it. Coming out again has pushed previous predicted 4th Q price to 2022. Don’t worry its still good strong energy but this one is tied to BTC and not going to run until everything else is well and truly running.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Tomorrow is Saturday here and poor Melbourne Victoria is in lockdown again unfortunately. I have many wonderful supporters in Victoria, some of you in Platinum. I applaud you and everyone around the world going through this time and time again for your incredible strength.  Wishing you all a great weekend of lots of love and laughter with your families!

I settle Monday so will be doing the final of the Altcoins my Monday morning whilst waiting patiently for afternoon settlement hahaha! I move in Tuesday, so my final move, whoop whoop, Yahoo!  Next week will be a very busy week, just a heads up to you all with the move of everything this time, all furniture and belongings finally.

So may only have limited time, doing only few of the Altcoin readings. So please request Alts that are very important to you for the time frame, others could wait to the following week.

I fly to Sydney next Friday to surprise my eldest for her birthday and to also pick up my puppy. Talk about everything at once. Honestly it has always been the story of my life. A full on exciting life for sure.

So much thanks & blessings to you all!🙏

Author: Jule