Spirit Press 1st June 2021

Hi All,

These are the final Altcoins from last weeks requests –

The Graph – GRT at this look around 0.63

Has good Energy and is a good Investment. I get this will be around for a while at least 2024.

This year In 3rd  Q $10 – $11  and in 4th quarter around $17 – $18

Cate Coin – CATE currently 0.00000035

It has good Energy but is not a good Investment yet, not yet anyway. It is slow for a while. But this will be around for ages. It just does not start doing anything much price wise to mid – late 2022.

Ok lets look at Alts in the reports –

In CR1-

Flamingo – FLM currently down to 0.47

I still get good energy for it. It is still a good investment.

3rd quarter – $11 – $12  In forth quarter drops back a tiny bit but goes up again and sideways.

 4th Q – $13 – $17. Larger prices now pushed to 2022. Same ATH price for 2022 as report.

In CR2

Algorand – ALGO currently 0.92 I don’t get good energy for it or good investment overall.

It could get to $13 this year, however, this one I am finding very hard to read. I get its not surviving in the present form. Team is doing something, Im just not sure what as its not clear to see at the moment.

Time sensitive Pack –

Oceanex – OCE  currently around 0.003

This is still good energy and is a good Investment.  In 3rd – 4th quarter 0.32

And this one does even better next year. Spirit likes it, so must look at it again further down the timeline when it has reached end of year price.

I like to remind you all spiritual intel is all in relation to the energy moves of the market. For any given project and the freewill intention of the team at the time. That’s the energy spirit shares.

Also remember not financial advice only ever invest what you can afford. Trust your own intuition.

Keep the faith everyone, I know this must be a trying time for some of you who are not used to the ups and downs of the market. Reminder don’t buy into fear or fomo, we are all good! Remember that, this much-needed correction is good before the next run. And we want the run to be as brilliant as is foreseen for 3rd and 4th quarter. Iv’e been learning more about 4th quarter but that’s for a later post.

I settle late this afternoon and move tomorrow, Whoo Hoo!

Stay well and stay in Joy everyone!

Blessings always Jule

Author: Jule