Spirit Press 4th June 2021

Spirit Press 4th June 2021

Wow what a busy time it’s been for me, currently writing to you from in the air on my way to Sydney. Surprise visit for my eldest daughter…… So, I have moved into my apartment was hoping to get time to post before this, but settlement was delayed thanks Mercury Retrograde, breakdown in communication between solicitors. Lol But I am finally in and half unpacked.

I hope you are all well! I think Mel may have posted an update in Discord, that we both get it going up still. I have not had much of a chance to cross reference with her of late. But I get it mid to end of June up higher. It is doing a slow very slow steady climb at the moment but that’s actually good for the Altcoins.

Ok so lets look at some Altcoin Requests –

Telcoin – TEL, currently sitting around 0.03 when I did this read yesterday. Asking spirit is it good Energy and I get undecided. Perhaps there is more needed. It does go up with the rest in the run coming and is a Good Investment though in the respect that it gets to around 0.48 this year. So that’s nice multiples and probably why spirit says yes good Investment……….. This does interest me as I remember I have read this last year. I think it was ok to good but I cannot remember and my paperwork on it from last years read is still packed in boxes so have not had time to cross reference what I previously got. I will definitely need to look at this again!  So most gains will be this year with good multiples and slowing but still increasing next year. 2022 I get it around $3.50 but this will need looking at again to see the growth after this run this year………………………. Stays around but not long term but still here somewhat 2024.

GNBU – 3x Long Dragon Index Token. (DRGNBULL) I hope this is correct for this one as that’s all I could find when looking up GNBU. Currently around $54.45 it is good Energy and it is a good Investment. It may be running on hype and I think you may have to be have been already at a lower price point to make most advantage. It seems it has made most of its major gains already for this year. I do get it continuing up this year but not huge, getting to around $68 for 2021……. Then good runs again next year but will need to check in on it again closer down the timeline. For 2022 I got a price from spirit for it at $125 seeming to fade out sometime in 2023.

Sorry, everyone, that’s all I have time for now as we are about to land. Flight time down to Sydney is only 1 hour. I will be back soon with more!

Blessings all, Jule

Author: Jule