Spirit press 5th June 2021

Hi all, its been lovely surprise my arrival in Sydney for my daughter. Its great to see her and her boyfriends new chic inner city apartment they just purchased as well only 3 months ago. It seems this year has been a massive new changes and progression for a lot people.

Ok lets look at some coin requests –

Dexacoin – at this read about 0.00034 Good Energy no not at the moment anyway. I got it’s something to do with the team, some problem arises but I think it gets resolved because it does better towards end 2022 as it is a good investment. In 2022 the team sort this out as then it is hitting goals. It stays around for quite a while but got some disorganisation now and in 2022. Still here in 2025.

OVR – Currently around 0.98 I could not get if this was good energy or good investment, was undecided and slow. This is still sorting itself out it seems. But spirit intel on it as far as prices for this year is around $4 – $4.50 I cannot seem to get anything much higher. This indicates it will go up with the hype and run coming but the progression is only on that.  Not sure its really on fundamental progression……………… Also got it could fade away 2022 -2023.

XYO Network – XYO currently at this read 0.0071 Good Energy No I didn’t get so. Good investment currently yes can make some money on the run with it but then fades out afterwards. It has good foundations but the team struggle. Can make some money though in this run up, it will run with the rest and then should be able to also cash out fine. Its worth a punt with a little bit that you can afford losing just to take the punt. I get it to around 0.42 in 2021 but does fade out eventually in 2022.

Ok I will try get some updates over the weekend regarding Alts in reports.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Author: Destiny