Spirit Press 7th June 2021

Today I arrived back home to the Gold Coast with new puppy Zilly. Good to be home and still organizing things and unpacking but so happy to feel like I’m getting settled.

Taking a look today and some interesting information I have come across from Clif High predictions. Please let me know in Discord who follows Clif Highs work? People in my psychics woo telegram group do and apparently, he is predicting a major drop end of year along with some devasting event. I have not had a chance to watch his interview on it yet but read bit today when waiting at the airport for my flight………… This is interesting as I have been predicting a 4th quarter drop and very much so the first part of 2022. Today I find out his predictive linguistic software have predicted something similar as well. This is very interesting! I will be looking further into this.

So, I also get it confirmed when asking going forward with the Altcoins for CR 1 in fact most of the alts I am reading, I’m getting similar things with a drop in this timeline……………. I want to add that I do believe it to be a very good time coming up ad it will last right up to October is what I got. Possible for some Alts pushing into Nov. I get today that the highest will be October, November will plateau and drop and then December being the biggest low time.

I don’t mean to alarm but it’s a big major drop at end of year more than 50%. So may pay to keep an eye on this, cash out and come back……………. I will keep an eye on this myself. I will watch the Clif High video as soon as I get a chance and then talk to spirit about it. Please let me know your thoughts on it if you watch his work?

Looking at CR 1 Alts today, here are the latest updates –

Cardano – ADA  now gets to $5.10 2nd Q, 3rd quarter I still get the same as the report and same for 4th quarter but this could hit in Oct and Nov and taper off in December.

Doge, yes still will get $1 soon and now 3rd Q before $2.50 but getting higher to $4.30. September and October could see its most massive spike to $14 as I am still getting that. Then a drop back in Nov/Dec time.

Digibyte – DGB still get the same thing, I know it is yet to run but honestly keep the faith with it, it will! Still same thing June/July $3.20 and 3rd quarter around $10 now. November dropping back.

I will bring you CR2 Alts and PIKA tomorrow!

Hope you are all well and keeping strong through lockdowns if you are in them.

Blessings Jule

Author: Destiny