Spirit Press 8th June 2021

Taking a look at Bitcoin today as we are back down at the low 30’s again. Spirit says it won’t go under 30k yet, the lowest I get is the 31 – 32 k range befor going back up. Mid 40’s K range at the end of June. Over 50k July and possibly higher 60k range and even 70k in August.

I do get that October will be the highest month for Altcoin prices in 2021.

This seems to be consistent with many others are getting too, which is great! I feel we are in for a good few months once we get through this bit………… The next bit, the gains will be great but really I am feeling unless you are just wanting to watch the rollercoaster from the sidelines watching your portfolio go up and down. We need to watch for this next run. Its going to be huge and unfortunately seeming huge down after. Myself I am concerned about this! I will be looking to cash out some in the next up because the drop will be great. Before I talked of it as a pull back but now I am getting much more than that.  But let’s keep a very sharp eye on it. It will be a great opportunity to buy low but I feel we absolutely must first take some profits this time in the high, if you can.

CR 2 Altcoin updates –

Pillar – PLR  currently at 0.03 it will get back to its ATH come end June/July. 3rd Q – $5 and October $7. Box 4 will not get hit now until 2022 most likely the 2nd quarter and continue to its 2022 ATH price $54.

Tron currently around 0.07, previous ATH to be reached again in July and 3rd quarter end $2.80 whilst $3.50 will be hit in October sometime. Box 4 price will come in 2022 and continue to 2022 ATH predicted price.

QLC Chain – 0.03 is still on track and will hit around $5.40 its highest price in October $6.50. So, now the box 4 price will come in 2022 and still hit its new ATH price of $42 as well sometime in 2022.

Taking a look at a a new coin Request – For PIKA currently 0.00000023

This one is good energy! Is not a good investment yet. Not his year anyway. But, yes next year is looking good investment wise. Must look at it closer down the timeline. I get it around 30 cents in 2022.

Author: Jule