Spirit press update 10th June 2021

Spirit press 10th June 2021

A little more information came in today regarding this high/run coming and then the drop. Its going to be quite major and an absolutely fabulous opportunity. It has never been more prime a time to position ourselves. I’m not even positioned well enough at the moment. Today I got told to buy Shiba Inu, I do not own any as of last reads got told to wait. Will be a huge run for all the Alts coming. Today got told to buy it, I’m sure I could have got it lower but was not focusing on it or trying for the lowest point. I do remember reading it twice previously must have been back in April May when it was much higher and was not guided to buy it…………. Now I am and invested today.

As I have so many others to read yet, I have not read Ushiba or any of the many other versions of it, or what happens with it after the run but do recall it stays around for quite a while. Please note I don’t trust the energy of it though. Its completely different energy to Safemoon which I do trust the energy better.

After what I got today, I will be cashing out near 80 – 90% come October most of my holdings.

I am working on updating CR 1 today which will have the percentage of the drop each Altcoin should drop to from its ATH price reached sometime in October. Remember of course its not financial advice but could give an indicator to where we get and what to expect. I am looking at updating both reports and taking a closer look now that I am settled. This will take a few days at least, there is a lot to process now that we realise how major the drop is going to be end of this year and 1st quarter next year. As I said this major drop is going to greatly effect the Altcoins, their recovery and come-back next year.

Anyway, for the moment here are a couple of the Altcoins you requested I look at –

Safemoon now at .00000371 I asked about a reverse split or a change in coins and I do not get any of that happening. Not in 2021 but in 2022 there will definitely be a reduction in coins available but that’s because of the amount of burned coins from exchanging. Not because the company is doing a reduction in coins. Just exchanging there is a lot of burned Safemoon. I got that the end of this year will see a lot of cashing out and people taking profits and so this is the reduction in available safemoons coming next year and affecting next year price…………………………… I got 3rd quarter September around 0.03 and October 0.07 but will be hard to cash out at that price. So best go for under that to be safe. I still get great energy for Safemoon and it is a good investment but it will loose nearly 90% gains at the end of this year and into 1st quarter next year. It will come back stronger and continue to do well in 2022.

Fantom currently 0.28 as of this read. Spirit says not so good Energy this year. Next year yes! It is however a good investment and you can make some money on the run with it this year. I got it getting to $3.20 this year. Next year it meets more targets, goals and the team are working better. It will still be here in 2025. Something happens in 2026, some change.

Author: Jule