2 thoughts on “CR 1 Update”

    • Yes, that’s what it says in the latest spirit information I have just given in the report. Please understand I cannot personally control what spirit gives me or what other people’s collective intentions are. I get information and relay it in my reports, Timelines are the hardest to predict especially when the market has a drop like this, which I did predict for April/May but was out by a month with it being May/June. Now in June and here is the deepest drop. Recovery takes time, so yes that does push the prices down the timeline. That doesn’t mean they will not get hit, they will! It also depends on the individual altcoin and if it already had a run previously, project team energy and its strength as an individual altcoin standing in its own light………….. My strongest suggestion is to have patience! Its not a race, don’t invest more than you can afford to sit and wait for the rewards. Blessings!

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