Spirit Press 12th June 2021

Happy weekend everyone! Hope you are all well!

Ok let’s have a look at some altcoin requests –

GNBU Nimbus Governance Token – $4.39 Thank you for giving more information on this one as its been very confusing for me, I originally read the right one a while ago and then I mistakenly read one on CMC the wrong one. So, thanks for the link, good job!

So, I do get this is a good investment and has good Energy. It will be around for a long time.

It will reach $12 this year but have about an 80% drop in price at the end of the year. It will recover well in 2022 and reach $26.00

Reserve Rights Token – RSR I read this last year in a tarot read. It seems I am still getting the same thing as what I got last year. Which is Not Yet!

It does have good Energy, yes! It is not a great investment yet, that’s all, not yet.

Currently 0.03 The highest I get it getting to is its ATH again so around 0.11. I mean that’s not bad by no means but everything should be moving so well in the next run. This in my opinion just falls short. Its just a slower investment right now. It will be here for a long time.

So, I guess if you buy now at this point and hold it for the longer time then its fine. But last year when I read it spirit said to wait on this. Perhaps meaning to buy it now as its at the same price as it was last year now.

So next year will be much better for it. 2022 I get it getting to $1.90 so if you get it at now price then that’s good.

Polylastic – POLX   currently at around 0.00126,  Spirit likes this one and it is a good investment. It will be around for a very long time. I have been guided to buy this, just to HODL for next year. So, if you put a little in at this price it would be good as it gets to around 0.09 -0.10 this year 2021. Next year will get to $0.95 could be more but this is the main price I get right now.

I hope you all were able to access and enjoyed the update to CR1 which I posted yesterday! So the CR1 this weeks requested XTZ, DENT and KIN were done in that with the very latest prices.

Again have a great weekend everyone! I am trying to recover and get better.

Blessings always, Jule

Author: Jule