Spirit press 17th June 2021

Wow what a bad flu this has been, really makes you appreciate good health when you are not experiencing it………………..Universes wake up call to remind me that you cannot possibly continue to push yourself and run on constant stress all the time. If you don’t take the time out, universe will deliver to you mega flu and make you take time out Lol…………….Honestly, last week when I came down with a sore throat, thought I would breeze through it and pretend it not there. Not this time, no way! Lol  

On the tail end of it now but still some cold sitting on my chest, which I felt I completely healed for like half an hour during meditation this morning. Did actually visualize and see the dark mass move out of my chest and replaced with golden pink light Source energy. Felt so much better. When talking to spirit they said I could move it and be renewed and I knew I could if I practiced my Alchemy long enough. I still tend to move out of meditation 5D resonance which feels amazing and then come back to reality looking at what is 3D much denser energy tends to shift your focus fast, back into this reality with all its density. And why healings do not always stick sometimes. Requires a load of focus and removing previous attitude I was experiencing as well, which we all tend to have when we get sick, is the poor me attitude of helplessness. I am at the processing stage of my learning of what this flu just bought me spiritually. Very interesting I thought! I think about all aliments this way with them comes some sort of learning as part of the journey.

The Sore throat meaning from the book by Annette Noontil, The body is the barometer of the Soul. To do with not relating to self and frustration not being able to have someone understand your point of view. Certainly felt this a bit in this past week (all Juptitor Mercury Retrograde missed communication energy) as many are frustrated with the market. Not understanding why it doesn’t just go up and hit my prices as predicted. Not being able to express myself and help many understand this market and spirit intel in relation to it.

I know some of you not interested and mainly interested in Crypto but thought would add here my musings for your own processing along your path as knowledge is power.

Its not a biggy and only a flu which shall pass but don’t generally get sick at all as take so many supplements. Manuka Honey has been so soothing for the throat!

Looking at BTC and noticed its dropping again today a bit. Talking to spirit today regarding it and Spirit says it will be back up end of the week. Get it round the 43 – 44k mark soon. When BTC is like this the market can seem incredibly boring as its not doing very much at all. It will come good though, these things just take time, like recovering from a flu, takes time Lol.

Lets, look at some of your Altcoin requests from last week –

Moonlift Protocol – MLTP I had done a few days ago but too sick to even write it up. I have checked its energy again today and it does have Good Energy. Not a good Investment just yet, not this year. But is a good investment next year Spirit says. This will stay around for a long time. Could be good to get in now if it is very cheap and sit and wait on it.

Tendieswap – TENDIE This is around $3 now and has good Energy and is a Good Investment.

This will be around for a long time, getting 2030. This year 2021 get it will get to $11.40 so steady pace and next year in 2022 will be around $55

Convex Finance – CVX This one has Good Energy and is a Good investment this year and next from what I get at the moment. It seems to be on track and it is hitting all its goals. 2021 should see it hit $38 and next year 2022 getting a great price of $140 for CVX. Will stay around for a while.

Well Beautiful Souls, hope this message finds you all well!

Blessing, upliftment & Abundance always, Jule

Author: Jule