Update BTC 17th May & Alts requests

Update BTC 17th May and Alts requests

Wow, how wrong was I with Bitcoin, which is why I do not like to read it as have got it wrong in the past. So, after looking again today, I seem to be, too close to get clarity right now because what I get is conflicting. I do not usually confer with other psychics but Mel has been accurate just recently with her BTC and Doge low prices. We are doing some conferring things behind the scenes. Trying to keep you in the loop with unfolding.

So, asking for this timeline I got not lower than 42k and moving higher to week ending 22nd May. So, asking for end of week and it will be back at around 50k, I get yes but not much higher. This is what I got before speaking with Mel. Mel as I said is psychic and she gets a drop to 38K and listening to some traders they also get 38k. So, I could be completely wrong. Mel was trying to get a timeline on her drop and she thinks within a month which could mean that could be that 1st – 2nd week of June. Which may coincide with what I had previously got.

Today I get its June it will get back to the 60k range again but it must be the end of June. Mel confirms its fast the recovery if we do go down. I still get the same thing for the Altcoins though. That they will still transition higher regardless. Eth being the greatest affected with the drop in price and others not as much so far anyway. Yes, they are affected as BTC trends sideways to higher, I do get Altcoins moving again.

It is indeed difficult watching the market on a micro level like this. As I’m watching in the short time frame to cash out some. Currently hanging on to an outcome is too close to the situation, as normally I don’t care too much because I am here for the long run. But at the moment I want the positive outcome to much, so this is affecting what I get as far as BTC. I see it only as a blip, my guides to reassure we are going higher for the Altcoins. Most of our Altcoins are all on track no matter the market manipulation.

Let’s look at and check on KIN and ETN in CR 1

Electroneum –ETN  I hadn’t looked at this in sometime and the market has affected this one. I now get its highest point in 2nd Q June 2021 will be 0.39, 3rd Q now only reaching $6.50 and completely out for 4th quarter reaching only $8.50. So it will be 2022 that it will reach those other higher predicted prices.

KIN – Currently at .0001 of this read. I do get the same energy and prices for Kin. So confirming in 2nd Q – $0.04 , in 3rd quarter I had 0.05 – 0.14 today I get 0.10…………..Still very similar for 4th quarter at 0.22 which is huge considering I’m getting some correction in that timeline for many others.

The market and how an individual Altcoin handles the market is a variable on its price. Some handle so well, are strong and like invincible energy like ADA for example and others not so much. Understand this year is the testing time for the whole market. This is the cryptocurrency market finding its feet establishing itself and cementing certain Altcoin names as solid. For next year these solid ones will be household names and next year the market will not be as volatile as this year. This is the establishment time. The anchoring in of each particular altcoins energy and place. That’s why we are still in a bull market and many altcoins will have great gains that are not yet realised and in their place yet. So even though next year or I get starting in 4th Q this year down sideways. It won’t take the Altcoins back to what we have now price wise because this year everything about the premium altcoins will be more solid established set.

Looking at new Alts –

GMR Finance – now around .00000039 Spirit did not like this one for energy or investing. It will have a run up in the crazy hype coming and could even get to around 0.01 but there is little liquidity and you will be hard pressed cashing out of it. Spirit just says not possible.

There was a mix up in which was which with Terion and Ncash as I got sent it as the same thing. That’s why its important to give the whole and abbreviated name of coin. Anyway, realize its two separate projects. So have read both –

Terion – TNT – 0.01 Good energy – Yes,  kind of spirit likes it but we really need to check further down the track. Is it a good investment? Not really in 2021. But yes in 2022, this one presence will be felt in 2022, it will get known established. Best timeline 2022 – 2023 for greater growth.

Nucleus vision Ncash – 0.005 Not good energy or good investment. Does Spirit see it improving? No sorry.

Remember not financial advice anything can happen and with direct intent change an outcome further down a timeline.

Blessings all, Jule

Author: Jule