Hot Spirit Press 15th May

Ok, I am looking for in today’s meditation anything coming up. Some drop/crash or something. Tried and pushed to find but my guides just keep giving it will b fine. Did get we could have a drop again in June, early June. I don’t think it is anything to worry about but it could at the time take BTC down to the low 41 – 43k range. This I checked because with chatting with Mel last night, she gets some sort of an event coming, maybe China. That’s why I was checking. I do not get or know exactly what it is, when asking I got it could be stock market-related. I try not to delve into it too much but this could be the turning point of the switch of the taps. Out of the stock market and into crypto. As my guides’ are saying to me nothing to worry about overall, not for us, Alts won’t be affected as greatly as BTC in the drop. Yes, this recent times Alts went down in line with BTC but it’s not major. All will come out and recover strongly. Remember not financial advice, a peek at what could be coming. My main overall message again today from spirit the Altcoins will be higher end of June.

Now lets look at a couple more new Alts I have never read before –

XDC Network – Currently at this read around 0.078 Good energy yes, good investment? No, maybe because it doesn’t last perhaps. Not getting a lot for it in 2022, that’s all. You could make some money on it this year though as I got it getting a run up to 0.48 but hard to get much else after that. I would have to check this one again later down the track. It does have good intentions with its good energy but fails despite best intentions.

ANKR – 0.14 This is another with best intentions. Got it’s a good investment longer term as it is here next couple of years. But the team do not hit some targets and fall short initially. This could change would have to check it again. Got it will get to 0.36 in 2021

XYO Network – currently 0.005 Good Energy yes, Good investment not this year. Get it only even reaching 0.01 there abouts. But I do get much better energy for it next year. Great gains 2022. This will be around for a while as well.

Please note I am able at the moment to give this regular daily update because I am currently alone. This will change next week. So please don’t expect dailys as a norm.

Blessings All 🙏

Author: Jule