May 14th

Taking a look at –

Ares Protocol – currently when looking at $0.23 short term this is O.K investment. Ok – Good Energy. Has good longevity will be around a while. The highest I get for it in 2021 – $1.40

Akita Inu when I looked at this it was 0.00000708 but already it’s had a pop. This one has good Energy and is a good investment. I got guided to buy it! It will have some good runs this year but could see some problems next year in 2022. Got for June .004 and then 3rd Q around 0.02, I do get this continues higher in 4th Q this year but feel need to check it again closer.

Quant – QNT, This one has had a run whilst reading it when from $43 to $58 in the last 24 hrs. So who ever in this will be enjoying the gains. Completely new on my radar, it will be around for a while. It has good Energy and is a good Investment. 2nd Q around $90 and 3rd Q $110. This one seems to go up when the others go down or sideways.

Is anyone keeping track of the ones that are doing this? Going up when others go down and are they consistent in doing that? Be nice to keep track of it for the group perhaps.

Ok the last one I read today is US dollar Tether – USDT, I have read it before and got the same thing which is a worry. I have tried not to stay in it too much myself. Because I have asked previously is it safe to keep funds in USDT and in the past I got no………… I think its only ok, if its brief but not for long periods. I too need to trade into stable coin whilst getting an out into fiat in the next couple of weeks. I got that Tether is ok at the moment 2nd Q but not in 3rd Q. I have asked a few times on this I keep getting the same thing. 3rd Q – Some problems, people could loose some funds. I don’t know exactly what but its not safe in 3rd quarter.

So I ask like I have before for others that are safe –

USDC – Fine, TUSD – O.k now, problems in 4th Q.  Gemini – Ok, Dai – NO, I don’t know why. Paxos -fine.

Author: Jule