Wow 13th May

Today from Spirit Wow!

Gotta, thank you so much to those who send energy my way. Wow I really felt it. I felt this most amazing bubble of energy around me, felt like bliss, it was tingly magnet and magical. I called on my guides as well for upliftment. But I know their energy and this felt very different. Super supportive and blissful. Anyway, Thank you all with love and appreciation always!

As I needed it, I got sick last night because my environment and stress of last few days. My vessel is extremely sensitive and clean and clear of virtually most toxins. I cannot handle periods of time around cigarette smoke or bourbon and coke. I’m not drinking it by the why lol, it’s the energy of the environment. My friend is amazing and I am not judging, she has a heart of gold and I love her dearly, we just resonate on different levels. Because of this my own resonance is so sensitive. I will pet sit for her this weekend as she is away and look perhaps to relocate next week. As it effects not just my work but also my energy vibration.

So, talking to spirit this morning and feeling this absolute bliss bombs of beautiful perhaps coming from you and my guides.   Asking about this massive drop of manipulation……… And we all know why it happened but I really needed to delve in further. I get from spirit when asking about Elon Musk. Will he stop manipulating the price of crypto? I get he will but only for the next few months. I ask was it innocent and I get no. He was giving a buying opportunity for those around him. He was also testing his power.

BTC will be back over 50k in days. As I write this had dopped to 48k. This weekend will be back in the low 50’s range again. We will see back mid 50’s next week sometime.

So as I asked on further re will their be the manipulation again and I get yes in 3rd quarter. This worry’s me as we are meant to be trending at out highest then. Which we will but it will have an effect on the market. Asked will this be devasting to market and I got maybe. I also asked will we be able to avoid it and I get yes………………………… The highlight for me here, I must have time and reflection to be asking the right questions!

So, for that reason I will be reducing the coin readings from Lucky draw weekly down to 10 new Altcoins and 6 from reports…………. To allow more time to be asking for what is coming in movements in the market.  So, whether this platinum group stays around in this form of not, I do not mind. The right resonance will understand and stay, the others who do not understand the importance of why I am doing this will drop away after this month.

As per yesterday will honor all the altcoins I said I will read. But next week it changes again to enable me to have focus on the important things as well. Not just coin requests. They are no good if the market is bombing. Which reminds me, all this manipulation has a slowing and effect on prices for most the Alts not all, some go against the grain. I must, I stress here I must be checking our CR 1 and CR 2 are on track.

So here is what I have leant today!

Updates to CR 2

From last week requests –

Harmony One – Is all on track. From checking today all prices in all boxes 2 – 3 will get hit. I will be checking this closer in timeline quarter 3 what is happening with it in Box 4 but it is on track at this stage.

Holochain – HOT – This is also all on track and when checking today still get in box 4 – 0.28 so this indicates to me this is one that goes against the grain in that timeline. Understand why I am delving in this timeline of a down sideways market. Won’t be for all alts!

Utrust – UTK –  And also this one is on track. Only difference was box 2 get it only hitting $15 now, not much a drop in my opinion but that’s what I got today. Box 3 the same. As I said will be checking closer in timeline for Box 4 as we get closer.

From this weeks requests –

Pillar – PLR    This one is so against the grain and you can see that by lat 24 hrs run in the chart. But also Spirit confirms it for me continually and again today. So all on track with prices in all boxes for PLR, only change is Box 4 drops to $21 as I said another to keep an eye on in closer timeline.

QLC Chain – QLC This one is all on track also. Except Box 4 as well drops to $25

Chainlink – LINK spirit does like the energy of this one a lot. Now that we are having this drop but I get this one now reaching $69 in Box 2, so that’s a change. On track for Box 3 and I will check box 4 closer to timeline as for me its still a bit far away. But feel it will be dropping lower than what I had previously predicted for Box 4.

Ok, I will take the opportunity to work this weekend as my friend is away at a retreat over the weekend, so I will have some alone time. I will be doing the other Altcoins that came out of Lucky draw. Stabilizing my energy even further too.

Hope you are all well and keeping your resonance high, holding the light for your particular area, neighbourhood in whatever part of the world you are in. Thank you again to those that sent me that loving blissful energy.

Love, light abundance to you all, Jule

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  1. My prayers are with you and I can only imagine the stress you are going through. You will be given the strength to get by this time in your life between moving into your new apartment and trying to satisfy all your members .
    Remember we need you more than you need us ,so if things get out of hand from this membership thing ,and it becomes more of a pain than it’s time to move on and do the readings only for yourself and your close friends . The most important thing is that you remain healthy.
    God bless you 🙏🙏

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