Spirit Press 12th May

Hot of Spirits Press 12th May

Hi all, hope you are well!

Been a whirlwind here, currently staying at a friend’s house temporarily and so privacy is tricky trying to get alone time to meditate.

The Altcoins that I drew with help of spirit this morning and will be read between now and next Tuesday are as follows –

The Lucky Drawn Altcoins out of my Crystal singing bowl in no particular order –

 DefiChain, Bitcoin Gold – BTG, 1Inch, SMRAT, Ares Protocol, Akita INU, USDT, QNT, XDC

Trias Token, XYO, ANK, TNT, GMR,

These are the Altcoins I will be reading this week!

So, let’s get started with some –

DEFIChain – currently $4.49 This will be around for a while. It does have some conflicting energy initially so would have to look at this one down the track. 2nd Q – $8.20 and 3rd quarter $13.20 so compared to others plodding along slightly higher.  This one will be better 2022/2023

Bitcoin Gold – BTG currently $115.94 this one is a good energy but a slow investment. I got that even though it has had great gains those gains will continue for the next few months but then slow to stop and go backwards. 2nd Quarter $156 and 3rd quarter I only get $163 and into 4th quarter going backwards. I don’t know, I expected better and will need to check this again. But not great towards the end of this year.

1inch – currently $6.39 not great energy from spirit. Does it survive most likely not. Make some money? Some, most likely doubles to around $14.

Secured Moonrat – SMRAT currently 0.00000003 Good Energy? No Good Investment? NO. Will it stay around? No won’t survive the long run. Could make money in the run but risky.

Digibyte – DGB – Currently 0.13 All on Track from checking today. I know DGB has been slow to happen but its just when you give up on it, it does happen. So don’t as spirit tells me still over $3 this quarter and all other prices the same for it…….. I just cannot not doubt when I keep getting the same thing. So just have to have faith and patience.

Of course, remember none of the above is financial advice!

Blessings to all,


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