Spirits Press 7th May – Members Coin Requests

Ok, reading for Crypterium – CRP this one when I read it yesterday was sitting at around about $0.29, spirit does say it’s a Great Investment………It will be here long term and it will grow this year. So the 2nd quarter I get this one around about $1.20. As we go into 3rd quarter $4.30 and then as we go into 4th quarter. I get it having a bit of a drop back, taking this one back to around about $3.80.

As many of you are well aware I do expect a little bit of a pull-back or sideways movement for a lot of altcoins in the fourth quarter, CRP I don’t think will be affected too greatly, I just get it going back a bit, to around about dropping just a small amount and then going sideways.

Now we will look Origin protocol – OGN. Currently, as I do the reading it was around about a $1.75 so it’s had a bit of a drop today, so it’s got ok energy I didn’t get from spirit that it’s going to be here for the long haul. I get not here in 2022 sometime so yeah has me questioning it. Like you can make some money on it in 2021 because I did ask for 2nd quarter and in 2nd quarter I did get it will get to around about $6.20 so that’s good gain…… Then when we look at 3rd quarter I did get it with head around about $26 but for me, I wouldn’t be investing in this one because I honestly think there’s so many that are better and for me, spirit says it’s ok energy that’s not good enough it’s just not good enough for me.

So now we look at Pitbull currently sitting at 0.00000001 again not good energy fade away in 2023 there is money to be made in it no not really, good investment? no spirit does not like this one. So sorry everybody I didn’t get great energy for it.

Now let’s look at Dragonchain currently sits at 0.27 as I read this one I got yes it is a good investment. Dose eventually fade away but fades in 2023. I get 2nd quarter it’ll get around about $1 then and 3rd quarter will have a nice run-up and get to around about $7. So yes, definitely money to be made in this one…………………. It is a great investment? no. Good investment? yes. There’s probably better out there that’s all but it’s not bad.

Qsp – quantum stamp this one I’m sorry I struggle with this one, I used to own it myself I sold my QSP last year when I became more intuitive. For me, this is another one that I owned because in the early days of other psychics predictions. So this one I purchased because of another psychic I think SM, likes this one a lot, Sharon Michelle and I purchased this one on what I heard about it 2018. I understand I had purchased Altcoins in the past, just like my EOS I purchased that because of another psychic and I found the energy has been a struggle. Don’t get me wrong I still think EOS would do well eventually but it’s slow compared to what I get with a whole lot of other coins. Anyway getting back to Quanstamp, this one I didn’t get would come good. I did a full tarot reading for it last year I got the same Energy information I’m getting again today. As I did check today, spirit says not good energy. So for that reason, I’ve just never liked it. I just cut it off and leave it there, look I get that it could probably get to around about $0.30 and 3rd quarter, but I just don’t get it’s good energy, my guides don’t like it. I sold out of it in 2020 that’s just the way I feel about it so I just trust what I get first-hand now.

Ok so what do we have Dentacoin -DNC currently sits around 0.00008 this one yes, it has very good energy, spirit likes this one, there is money to be made on this one. Currently, at that price I get 2nd quarter, it will get to 0.01……………………… Then 3rd quarter I get it going to 0.13 so yes there is some money to be made in this one I do get through that it does start to fades away in 2023, but you can make some money in the meantime. Oh my goodness thought this rung a bell it’s in my Time Sensitive Pack 11 altcoins under 1 cent. Thought it rang a bell. Why do people not trust? I have already read this and so yes same energy but now slightly higher price than before. That could be on spike though!

Now we look at the very much talked about Shiba Inu, this one at 0.00000015………………… I get that this one is ok, just ok to maybe good energy, it will stay around for a while. I get it’s more of a good investment because of the hype not but really because of the project. Sorry but that’s what I got from spirit. It’s got so much hype that makes this one pumped, so yes you could make some money on it and I do get it around about .05 in 3rd quarter so that’s not bad at all. But is risk involved. I feel like this would be one that I have to look at it get it again a bit further down the track because is it’s going to be here for a while. I feel like it’s as I said running on hype, not running on something that’s genuine, I’m not saying the project’s not genuine but it’s not running on real work, it’s running on hype. So I would take this is kind of like Doge was doing this kind of thing for years it had hype for many years now, and now that hype is really going for a run and paying off. Doge may turn into something really more powerful in the future with its madness and you know just yeah collective conscious revving it up. So as far as Doge is concerned I did get to cash out some soon, so I did this reading yesterday so may have even been beneficial to cash out yesterday but I think it’ll hover around here for a bit, but it will get to buy back in on like a 30% drop. It is still going to get to around $1 in June, I get it on track for the 3rd quarter at around about $2.80 and then in 4th quarter, it’s the same as in CR 1 the prices the same. So, yes it’s on track nothing wrong, it’s got so much energy behind it, it so much hype, so much like tweets and social media Madness just carries this project yeah, it’s definitely worth being in for the long haul. With its counterpart Shiba Inu the same kind of thing is going to happen with this one.

Ok everyone, hope you are all enjoying Private pages and Discord. Thats all for this week as I enjoy Mothers day here in Australia Sunday and then moving Monday. Next coin readings won’t be to mid next week so have a great weekend.

Blessings All, Jule

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