Jule & Message from Spirit 6th May

So this morning I connected with my Lemurian light cancel, as a very blessed soul of Lemuria ancestry. So with the conversation with my light council today, I asked that will I be able to help uplift and support the platinum group, yes that for this group this will forever change their lives for the positive. This group will become abundant and this experience will forever be life-changing. We will never have this opportunity again like this, we are so blessed and honored to be so powerfully supported and uplifted by our ethereal friends.

So for me, I need to sell some of my cryptos in order for the deposit for the property that I am buying and I’ll need to settle on. I may sell half of my Bitcoin so checking, so I’m checking that about Binance and I do get that Binance is safe and secure this year……………… I do get that there may be a low spike to buy some bitcoin in June, please don’t panic about this, it’s only a spike. So because I have to cash out some of my crypto that’s the reason, the only reason why I am selling up just a portion of my Bitcoin to help fund the deposit but also because I’ve learnt that I may be able to buy an on a Sharp drop that will happen in June also……….This is new, I learnt today, so I’m going to follow this instruction remembering this is not financial advice this is only what I’m doing. I do not recommend that you do this……………… I would just hold fast if I was you for next few months and you didn’t need the funds for anything like I do. My focus in the next two weeks will be working out exactly what Altcoins I will be managing in my portfolio, what I am keeping because they haven’t had their major runs yet and they have too much benefit to come yet, so I won’t be touching those ones so I will be going through every single Altcoin my portfolio and talking to Spirit about this asking spirit. Which are the coins that I need to sell to fund the apartment deposit. So this is just a heads up about what I’m doing personally. I’ve already looked at all other alternatives I am getting some funding and I’m not interested to look at any other alternative is this is the plan forward for me that suits me personally I just want to say that.

I know that spirit has my back and I am uplifted in and supported by the universal energy so I don’t have doubt for myself with what spirit recommends for me, so I will be following that information I will share some of it as I go along with you but please for you, you do not need to trade out of anything this is only something I need to do to fund the deposit for my apartment. This is going to start to happen over the next two weeks.

How will the Altcoin’s move from 2021 going into 2022

Also, like to say as I’m reading these different altcoins my learning has been that some coins will run amazingly in 2022. Even further confirmation day! I’m starting to get a picture of which ones will be great, gaining more knowledge on which will be the biggest runners for 2022. This is extremely important information and this information will be gathered over time, over the next few weeks/months the biggest gainers for 2022 the most solid coins, this is going to be so important. It’ll be especially important as some will just fade and go away but the way I see it, and a substantial amount will start as of 4th quarter, this will start to happen, but I see it as they would just start to go sideways at first then they just won’t do much at all and then they’ll just fade and drop away. Some will have disruption, some just won’t be doing much at all and so they go under the radar, so as they go under the radar and won’t be getting much attention anymore just drop off…………. This drop-off will probably happen over a period of time but I get it all starting in 4th quarter. That’s why this new information that I have coming in is going to be so important. Like Crypto Gold, great, great coins that will be like a second run, it’ll be a second run, it’s going to be the prime run of 2022.

Wishing you all abundance and Crypto blessings, Jule

Author: Jule