Spirits Press 5th May & Update New’s to Platinum

Hi Beautiful Souls, Hope you are all well and enjoying the Discord group connections! So much valuable gems in there and knowledge gained just from the Discord.

The response to the Platinum membership group has been amazing, far more than I expected. I did not anticipate the popularity and need, as we have. So, Mel – CryptoniteMel and I have been discussing the importance of me being able to produce so many coin requests, and it is just not viable the way I had originally anticipated. Thinking this would only be a small group that I would myself select and cut off/close membership at a small amount. But honestly so many great people, how was I going to choose! So in the interest of fairness, I have not and left it open to everyone who wants to take part.

So to enable me to produce the required work load, you will notice Mel has introduced –

A. Voting system for our Crypto Report 1 & 2. This is 2 x rooms in Discord you have access to, One room for CR1 and one room for CR2. You go in each week and make your vote for what Altcoins (top 3) get read each week……………….. What this does is keep our reports current and up to date, as eventually, all your fav ALTs will be read.

B. Coin Requests to be fair for everyone are going to be via a LUCKY DRAW baled system. This means you get 1 coin request a week and it goes into a lucky draw. I will draw at random out of a bowl and with talking to spirit 15 x Altcoin Requests each week. These are the altcoins I will do readings on for the week. This system allows my energy not to be overwhelmed with demand and gives my guides a chance to have a say by the luck of the draw. As they will give me projects that should be our immediate attention and not other ones just for people’s curiosity. Obviously, certain crypto at times comes on the radar and is in the consciousness of many. So if it is a popular one in my bowl a few times, it is more chance it will get drawn and read. You still put in your requests privately to Mel. Make life easier No change of mind, please.

So in total, you get intuitive insight information on 15 x Altcoins a week plus 6 coins in the reports of CR1 & CR 2 each week. That’s a grand total for your membership of 60 Alts a month and updates on both reports. Along with other energetic moves of the market and insights as they come. Valuable connection with like-minded and the wisdom & knowledge of many. Wow, that’s great value!

Some will only stay in Platinum for a short time, get the information they want, and leave, I expect this, many have a different energy in our Platinum group and we all need to serve our need………… But whenever you come in, know you have access to all previous history in the Private Pages, on what’s happening in the market as well as all those many, many, Altcoins energy & prices. I don’t need to remind you how valuable this is! Especially as our market constantly moves and changes.

Ok, so lets get to Hot off Spirits Press – Coin Requests!

Ethernity chain – ERN, this one spirit says has very good energy currently sitting at $25.33. So I get 2nd quarter around $45, then I get 3rd quarter around $86. In the 4th quarter – $100…………..Something happens where it merges or changes in 2022 but it does continue in strength. So spirit does like this one.

Revolution Populi – RVP currently sits at 0.10, not great energy spirit says. For this one you can make money this year though. Second-quarter I get 0.16 then 3rd quarter 0.95. So, as I said spirit and didn’t love the energy of this one, so not great energy but that could be to do with it not being here at the end of 2022.

Charlie – C3, this one has very good energy, this one’s going to be around for a while, currently sitting at 0.82 as I read this. In 2nd second quarter, I get that this one will get to $5 then in the 3rd quarter this one will get between $21 – $29. Then in the fourth quarter, this one gets to $50 this one seems to have fast-moving energy with this fast-moving energy brings attention on it so it gets attention in 2023 this one will be bought out so spirit likes it is a good project and as you can see by the prices at feel like it’s moving fast, particularly in the third quarter it’s hard to pinpoint the price because it’s going to have these movements that are quite fast which brings attention to it. Good attention whereby it will be bought out or merge/restructure with new investment to even better going forward as it continues it strength in the future.

An old but good favorite is Dent, this one as we look at it today sitting at .01 I get that all energy is on track for Dent all prices are correct for Dent in the crypto report 1. ….. So the energy hasn’t changed at all spirit still likes the energy for dent. Can’t tell you anything new here sorry.

Zilliqa – ZIL currently sitting at 0.20, very good energy has been held back though so the 2nd Q still getting around $6. For 3rd Q, I checked today and got it getting to $30 so that’s new information and that is a change increase for the 3rd Quarter. But it is still the same for on track as of the CR1, great energy spirit says especially for next year for Zilliqa.

Wink – WIN this one currently sitting at 0.0012 this one’s energy is on track and prices are the same as in crypto report 1. However, the best energy for wink is in 2021, not 2022. Something happens spirit says in 2022 to where it merges or changes where spirit repeats the same thing I got last time and written on CR1, just not a great investment with the merging and changing of 2022……………………………………… This is not the same for all Altcoins that go through this change but it is the case for wink, new energy is looking like it kind of slows or it just doesn’t do much. It just doesn’t happen, so spirit says it’s just not that great investment after 2022 is what I get.

So the last one I have today looking at Atomic wallet coin this one currently at $2.41, it is an OK investment spirit says. Perhaps more on the slow side it does do better in 2022 though. It is certainly around and continuing for years just will take a while is what I get about this one. Would have to read it again at a later day once timeline shifts.

Author: Jule