3rd May 2021

Message from Spirit & Jule  3rd May 2021

Hi Beautiful Souls,

Ok one of my interests is world economics and astrology. I love Astrology and know planetary alignments do affect us our human energetic field, our energy is everything and it also affects our markets and our whole world as we know it.

I do like listening to Joni Patry – Vedic Astrology as she gives predictions and is also very much into cryptocurrency. I can however understand how with many predictions of recession and doom and gloom forecast for the world coming from many social media sources, can certainly have our own personal energy, if we are not watching/conscious of the effect on us, go into lower vibration of worry.

I have posted Joni’s video for you to look at in Discord. She is good as I said with her astrology predictions, however I remind you, you are the master of your whole being on all planes. Body (physical plane), Mind (mental plane) Emotions (Emotional Plane) and Spirit (Ethereal plane). You are the master of your planes and govern all of them. Don’t forget you are a divine Creator! If you believe it or not, You are, Start anchoring in the energy that you are……….. I would like to assist more with this as we go on, when time allows.

So, allowing yourself to focus too much on media/information can affect all of our planes, sometimes not even aware that’s its happening. Whilst I totally agree we must be informed, yes, it is important, take what you need and leave the rest behind!

No matter where you are on your own spiritual journey, start realising your true empowerment, your own mastery, out of ego but in a divine union with your higher-self. As from there, it is where we manifest our own outcome, our own timeline that unfolds not what a limited mind/soul experiences but an unlimited unfolding. So, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in your environment around you, you will unfold your own desire.

Super important to remember that!

Ok after checking in with Spirit today and with reference to Joni’s Astrology.

Spirit does agree there will be an economic down turn in May. What brings to mind for me when talking to spirit about this, is this is the unfolding of it, the beginning in the 3D consciousness. If you listen to my video – Sentiment of the Market, It will be majorly felt at the end of this year and well established when you look around.

Understand this down turn Economic Crisis has been in the making for a very long time, even as far back as before Covid. Because it was in the unconscious environment.  Could even say an intention play but I won’t get into that here. What I want to say is it is all playing out now finally in the public area, this will become more and more obvious. Media lies will not be able to hide or coverup anymore to the truth of the worlds economic situation………….. And I do not want to go into detail of the agenda plan or whatever (Easy if you seek down the rabbit hole info all over the internet, its not the point right or wrong.) because this is real and it is an unfolding. Just like many times in history before. Except this time seems more monumental because it is a HUGE shake out of old institutional systems/Energy/Masculine action control Energy shifting last year with Age of Aquarius bringing in Divine Feminine energy of more inclusive nature. However, For this to happen there will be aggression, anger and war like energy to move through first. As many who have been living the old system very comfortably off the backs of others, will no longer be able to continue. They will fight to the end for the undeserved wealth and position they attained. But it won’t be retained because the system is collapsing.

So back to the planetary alignments heralding in these Astrology predictions. They are huge, very profound changes in our times is really an understatement.

It is therefore up to us as Sovereign Souls to choose not to be influenced, with the masses of fear and doom that will be felt. Move above it!

I can assure you, what spirit gives me is not doom & gloom for those in this Crypto space.

As I said before and I checked again today Crypto Altcoins will be higher into May and also higher in June………… After checking again this morning on Gold, it is June that it will be higher not May now as Spirit confirmed.  Whatever is going to happen in mid May with this planetary shift it will shake out the Traditional markets. This will have effect on precious metals and I think that’s why the run for Gold is looking more like June now, created from fear of what happens in some sort of economic down turn May. When major things happen people can take some time to act and they go in shock.

But for the crypto market and I have asked a few times and will continue too, I get it won’t be affected in an adverse way not like traditional markets. Spirit says it will continue strong.

Ok I have looked at another few of your Altcoin Requests, don’t forget look back as I may have already done some previously.

Pirate Chain – ARRR – Spirit says the Energy is OK – Good investment not great. I did not get survival into 2023 but as always would have to check that closer.

Now – $7.14      2021 – $27     2022 – $42   When you look at these prices with the timelines for me it is growth but not tremendous growth considering.

Gobernance – GNBU   Ok, when doing your coin requests more info needs to be given please. Wasted time to find out this is not CMC or Coin gecko.  It is OK and a good investment when it gets there.

Kicktoken – KICK This has good Energy especially in the future. Slow to start but has stable growth. Here for any years to come. I get once we are through this year we will not see crazy climbs but instead steady growth with a lot of the good Altcoin market. It is great if a project has steady growt like this as that is exactly what people will be looking for next year after this 2021 tumultuous year.

KICK Now. 0.00023    2021 – 0.01   2022 – 0.10

Multivac – MTV  Spirit did not love the energy of this one. It has OK energy. Got it will lay low a lot of 2021 but will have a spike a bit in 2022 where I guess you could make some money but honestly there is so much better. I don’t get it here in 2023.

Thank you all for your support and patience. I am not able to be in the group chat just yet as much as I would like. I hope too once my property settles and I move in mid-June. My aim foremost is to be focused and connected to spirit for the information needed coming in. Next week I do move into my girl-friends house for a month waiting for my own place. She has been so kind offering her home as a in between place. This could place some time limits and comfort re my meditation and alone time to get info. I very much hope not.

Please know I have your best interest at heart and hope you raise your vibrations out of the noise/fear/drama/control to a place where by you resonate at your highest always.

Blessed be always,


Author: Jule

6 thoughts on “3rd May 2021”

  1. Hi Jule..
    I am very happy to be here in this group ..thank you very much for opening the door for joining this special one .
    Appreciating highly all your efforts …
    GOD bless you …
    Sami .

  2. Hi Jule
    Thank you very much for having this special group so we could get these blessings from you and your spirits.
    I also appreciate the stressful effort you go through to help all of us ‘
    May God be with all of us .


  3. I enjoyed reading the above message – very nicely stated that we are masters of our destiny. On another note, Gold and Silver really deserve their chance in the spotlight.

    • I totally agree they sure do, I’ve held my PMs for a very long time now, definitely time for them to shine! Lol, It’s the in the face collapse that will bring this about.

  4. Yes it is scary in a way but also necessary for us to get rid of this current system. Thanks for this update, it gives me peace of mind. I have done what I can to be prepared. Also get your assets off exchanges if possible. Been following Joni as well for a while now.

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