Discord Access

Note**** You join Discord in good faith you do not add anyone else or Share the link. Once Joined in the Discord**** Please, private Message me to let me know your Discord name. Mel – CryptoniteMel (Our IT specialist if there is any tech issues). This is how we keep track of members in the discord. Failure to do this could have you mistakenly removed from discord.

If you are Brand NEW to Discord use this link – Discord group here – https://discord.gg/MWNt2yAc

https://discord.gg/MWNt2yAc links expire every 7 days if you log out of Discord. If there is more than one link then try the other on e as well!!!! I cannot control that, its a Discord Security thing. So I post here every week the latest Discord links.

Latest link – https://discord.gg/MWNt2yAc


If you are ALREADY a Discord Member use this link – https://discord.gg/Dx3WD4uY once you are in Discord with that link – you need to add my server – Goddess Creative

If you are New, please email/PM on Discord me and let me know your Discord Addy name and registered on my site name so I can personally connect with you. Thanks Jule

Author: Jule