Latest off Spirits Press No.3

30th April 2021

Asking about drops or down markets, sorry I just do not get any at the moment.

I got all Altcoin’s higher in May and not picking up a drop or nothing major. Then most Altcoins will be even higher than what they are now for June. June end higher still!

I got Gold will start to move in May and Silver will be moving in June. This is in relation to down turn in Stock market May/June.

Vechain – VET At the look today 0.19, I got won’t drop much lower than this now. So disregard that low price of 0.05 sorry on CR1. With today’s reading on it I get now will go a bit higher 2nd Q – $3.80 and 3rd Q – same at $15. We will focus more on 4th Q closer to time.

Electroneum – ETN, sitting currently at 0.019 I got that 0.07 Price for May and Taking the June price to 0.35. For ETN October will be the highest price at around $7.50 as checked today.

Kin – KIN is 0.0002 and from checking the prices again today exactly the same as CR1. I did pick up this one spikes a bit and so price will fluctuate that’s why you have a range price 0.01 –  0.05 resonance will mostly be the 0.04 in 2nd Q before higher in 3rd Q.

Billions Happiness – BHC price today $160, spirit likes this, has good slow steady energy for 2nd Q – $185 and the big run coming with highest point being October. When it hits $350.

Persistance – XPRT price is around $10.60 on reading this. Good energy will be around for some years, another steady gainer. 2nd Q – $18 and then in 3rd Q $36 most likely September the highest point price wise for it.

Author: Jule