Spirit Press 6th July 2021

Moontoken for Cemil is currently around 0.0000000067

This energy is O.K to medium. Is it a good investment? – No, unfortunately, I got it won’t last.

May earn rewards for holding but not sure you will realize them. The liquidity is not there either.

Hokkaido Inu – HOKK for AngeE 0.000000003

Is it good Energy? No, not getting anything great from Spirit. Sorry! Is it a good investment No sorry not getting anything good about this. It will not last longer than maybe 3 years at most, is what I got. If you are in it trying for some gains be careful as again trouble cashing out which is probably why it is not a good investment.

Starlink – STARL for JimmyZen this was at 0.00000072 at this read.

Does it have good Energy- Ok to medium and that’s as the Energy is not set yet as far as the team. Currently, there is some discrepancies… I would need to ask again later date… Is it a good investment? – Yes, you can make some money on this. It is going to be volatile though. Money to be made but be careful of the pumps for this. For 2021 I get it going to 0.02 but will drop massively, like 90% it could drop in the next downtime for the market. That’s huge and if you miss the cash-out, then you just sit and wait as this will come back again. So get in on the drop again and then it will ride up to 0.06 in 2022. Which will be a great recovery from its 90% drop lows.

 I did get guided to buy it but have not yet. Perhaps those who have got it could let us all know where to hold it? Where do you hold this, what wallet? Probs Metamask I guess, but wondering if can be held in Trust wallet? Buying is on Uniswap.

Yes, it is great to find something so small in price that you only need to invest a little because the multiples will be life-changing. Well, I have a new one that has been put in front of me just recently.

 I will share what I got for it tomorrow for you, that has great energy and potential but I want to check it again tomorrow and investigate further. I have tried to work out the multiples and think it’s good but want to check further in tomorrow’s meditation when this puppy is not running around going crazy next to me. lol.

Bye and blessings for now, Jule

Author: Jule