Spirit press 7th July 2021 – ERTH Token

Ok now I have ERTH token for you. This is courtesy of me, well a friend actually who bought it too my attention……….. Normally I poo poo most ICO or especially Aussie projects, not sure why just not wanting to jump on a bandwagon and promote something. And well, who has the time really!

 It is an Australian ICO coin only just launched this last month, so no longer an ICO but available on pancakeswap.  The company itself is very well-established major software company with a great model. In which you can DYOR learn more here if you like – https://rewards4earth.com/

They virtually have SEC approval hitting 8 out of 10 requirements so far for approval. This will be huge as it will not be regarded as a security making it stronger and more available in the US market.

 They have a patent on their rewards ERTH token worldwide – https://micky.com.au/aussie-company-secures-patent-over-crypto-rewards-programs/

This means their app launching this month meaning you earn rewards for shopping locally for us here its Coles and Woolworths are on board. It is worldwide the program and so major companies are getting involved.

But all of that is irrelevant if it does not have good Energy! Well, it does have Good Energy! Note I don’t waste my time researching until Spirit gives me good information. So, I got all good with this and then looked them up, their website, the ERTH token and called the owner of the company to speak to him and get a feel.

He in particular is hitting all the right boxes as far as the company partnering with major companies, then getting this ERTH token regulated and established properly. Look its only early days………….

And that’s why I am telling you about it now! Because it is so early, new and amazing buying at ERTH -$0.000000000831 I just got some today and really had to do my sums as I could not believe the possibility of this with the amount, I got for just $40

 So this is what I got from Spirit –

ERTH Token now – 0.000000000831 I got it is Good Energy and it is a Good Investment. Spirit likes it not just for the good energy it will produce by restoring the Earth with the help of major corporations. But it is a Good Investment that they will hit their goals. Hitting to 0.006 this year 2021. And in the next major down time in the market this only drops 30%. So next year 2022 its recovery is fairly smooth taking it to 0.13 in 2022. And in 2023 this will get to around  0.90 I got it being here for a long time more than 10 years past 2030.

I got told to buy it of course and that’s why I did…………… Even if I were to be a year out with my prices I think this is worth the punt, I do not have any retirement superannuation and for me this one could well and truly be that for me with such the small outlay now.

Also, because I have checked this both yesterday and today with my guides, I kept asking the question – Will I realise the wealth this year with this project? And I get yes! The liquidity will be there.

I am thinking about sharing on Youtube which I may eventually. I want to check it again and again first because it is a new project. The good energy of the company is set though that’s a real positive. But will keep checking the unfolding of the coin. Because if it gets to my prediction and I realise 328 billion without complication, very happy to only take 1 billion and leave the rest for next year. Lol

I would love to hear your thoughts on this?

May ask Mel to read it also to see what she gets. I feel like we are so early on this, it is not on the radar yet of others, even other psychics in my Telegram group I belong to. This has happened to me before, where I have been a month or so early getting some info as my psychic colleges. I am just quiet don’t say much, as I am not a told you so kinda person and others tend to take the glory.

Anyway, as you can tell I am excited about this one as think it will be hot.

Blessings to you all, Jule

Author: Jule

6 thoughts on “Spirit press 7th July 2021 – ERTH Token”

  1. I went out on a limb and purchased quite a bit. If it gets anywhere close to your price for this year then this could turn out to be a nice golden goose.

  2. Thank you so much for giving a such a great situation !!!
    For a little amount of money and having maybe a little luck , hitting those price targets would be epic !!!!!
    You would become a legend !!!!!
    God bless you and all of us in your group !!!!

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