Spirit Press 8th July 2021

Hello all, hope you are well!

Ok having a look at Red Fox Labs for Star444 at the time of this read this was 0.05. And I have had a second look at this project over a couple of days now. I am still getting similar Energy for it sorry.

Unfortunately, I did not get great things for this one. Spirit says it has O.k – good Energy. But this will be a struggle as it is not really a good investment. Like sure from 0.05 it will go up in the run just like the rest of them. It will not reach back to its All-time-high though! It does get to 0.22 for 2021 so yes I guess if you currently hold (especially if you got it cheaper) you can make some money but personally in the run there will be others doing so much better.

It will not reach its ATH of 0.37 until next year 2022 and even getting to 0.80-0.90 in 2023. But it will not last is what I am getting. Will not get much past 2023 unless something happens in the wings that I do not get yet………………………. The team has good intentionns just at the moment get them not able to pull it off the outcome they want. Just be careful here not to get left holding to late.

So to go into more detail with regard to asking Spirit around is it a good Investment – will the Token raise in value?  = X,  Income Streams = X, Staking dividends = Yes

Does it become better later on? = No because it doesn’t last or I cannot see the Energy for it past 2023. Unless it gets taken over. I don’t know. It is to do with the team, good intentions and ok energy but they just struggle.

Ok lets look at Haven Protocol for Sancho

XHV does have good Energy yes! Is it a good investment? Yes at the time of this read, yesterday was around $3 and yes it will get back close to its all-time-high this year. 2021 – $27.00 however it does have a really decent drop in the next down time, down about 60% and this is much, much slower to recover than others. For 2022 I get it getting back to only $22 but it does do better in 2023. This will be around a long time, seeing it in 2028.

Now we have APENFT – NFT for Inverclyde………… This one was a mouthful to talk to Spirit about LOL, just trying to say the name. This turns art into NFT. Sounds like a good idea but is very slow.

Currently 0.00000262 at time of read. Good Energy? No Good Investment? Not yet, not until 2023. Because NFT overflood the market with confusion, NFT interest has slowed in the next timeline when the market is moving, when this is meant to be moving. Too much attention and interest on other projects making greater strides. Didn’t even get back to ATH but hey I could be wrong. Logically I don’t understand why not in a hot market but I didn’t get that from Spirit.

It is one I will need to look at again later on perhaps as it stays around. Still here in 2028.

Ok that’s all I have for you today!

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Blessings all, have a fabulous weekend! Its Friday here, rainy and cold in normally sunny Queensland.


Author: Jule