Spirit press 13th July

Hi all,

Sorry, I have not posted in a few days, life has been exceedingly busy taking my attention to the transfer of my website to a new host, and then with the transfer my emails not working for more than 24 hrs, losing all that was sent within that timeframe. …… I have yet the job of transferring the domain name which I have not initiated yet but must do as part of this complete shift. I will let you know when and if it also affects the site.

I have also been doing some absolutely beautiful private coaching with some Platinum members just recently, this is an extra service I provide with extra cost but being a platinum member you get 30% discount on a private session for yourself. Of course, I will uplift, coach, and give spiritual guidance freely within Platinum regardless, when time allows. It is this spiritual upliftment coaching and helping others raise their vibrations to the utmost to bring in the abundance they desire. This is my strongest passion and brings me more joy than anything else asking spirit. The energy flow from Spirit when doing that is the truest and most divine because it’s what Christ consciousness wants for your soul too. Knowing your fullness in this lifetime, truly knowing soul growth is why we came here in this lifetime. Not just for an altcoin run lol. So, the information is channeled directly from my highest guides and that’s what makes it so beautiful and right for each individual.

With the above things taking my time, I have realized I have not been churning out as many coin requests. For some people, these are more of a priority than others. I realize that this one size group does not fit all. And may look at changing it soon.

Ok so for now I have DOGE for Rosad27. Currently, 0.20 at this read with an ATH of 0.73 back in May this year.

So from speaking with Spirit today I do get the attention and Energy change for Doge to do with the team. Because of this, I draw a Tarot card trying to get more clarity and information. Spirit gives the 6 of wands which is relating to the glory journey and not reaching the destination yet. So that relates to this year for Doge not reaching its expectation this year price-wise whilst things are in motion behind the scenes.

I still get good prices for it but most will not come to higher prices to next year.  Today the prices I get for Doge in 2021 is $2.30 – Yes,  $2.40 – Maybe, $2.50 – No I have done it this way trying to explain to you the trial and asking it takes to get prices, after asking many other prices higher and lower to finally pinpoint down to above. The CR 1 prices will come to pass next year and are still relevant.

Again, I would like to remind If all prices stayed locked into a timeline like we would like, everyone would be multi-billionaires by now and unfortunately its not that easy. It does annoy me as much as you that it changes, but I can only give you what I get as I get it.

Now I have MINIDOGE for Halfgod. This is a new one and currently at this read 0.00000011 and an ATH of 0.00000035.

This has good Energy – Yes. Good investment? Not yet, not in 2021 but yes in 2022. It will get past its all-time high this year but that’s not much from where it is now. It may move up by one 0 point but more of a struggle to get higher this year. In 2022 it does do better reaching 0.007 and last for a while.

Looking at SWAN, Blackswan for EHHG currently 0.097 at this read. With an ATH of 0.33 in which it will get past this year.

Good Energy – No didn’t get great energy for it. Good investment – yes you can make some money. The traders love this one.  So if you are talking good Energy well then no, as I got this is collective conscious fear. And well let’s face it there is a lot of that in the 3D. Very matrix programmed controlled but it works for the masses as they don’t know any better.

So, if you don’t mind the grubby energy (that’s exactly what it feels like btw) then yes this year 2021 will get to 0.68 and it will be around for a long time. Next year 2022 I get it getting to $3.70.

Personally, not for me, wouldn’t touch it. But you use your intuition and decide for yourselves.

Ok I have had a quick look at AXIE INFINITY for ESCAPE and I think also Mr X requested, well that’s what I had written down. If two or more request a coin I will push it up to higher priority to be read.

AXIE Infinity currently $17.88 with an ATH of $19.63  Good Energy – OK is what I got. Good investment? Not really in 2021 but better in 2022. In 2022 will double it’s now price didn’t get that much more. Not past $45 is what I got for 2022. Will be around for a long time.

Ok the rest Keanu Inu, BONE -Shibaswap and VSN Network tomorrow.

If you haven’t coin requested please ask me in pm on Discord. Thank you everyone for your patience whilst I work through the requests. If you have personally requested in PM, I have not forgotten. Sometimes just finding the time to write out what I am given takes longer than expected.

Author: Jule

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  1. Hi Jules
    Hope all is well. Since i have joined , life in simple has been hectic to say the least, not to mention catching that darn cold that everyone seems to have caught of late.
    ONce again love your work. Have lots to ask within the group. Not quite sure how its going to work. THrough discord? The link has expired.
    Either way am super excited.

    • Hi Rocco, So sorry to hear you have been unwell, yes it was a nasty flu.

      Please go to the private pages and the pinned message here – https://goddesscreative.com/2021/05/discord-access/ You can only access this page by being logged in. NOTE****** The link changes every 7 DAYs by Discord not me.

      So if you log out of Discord you will always get the newest link at the above-pinned link inside goddesscreative private pages.

      Please give me your Discord Name once you have registered and joined discord. So I know who you are in the server.

      Please follow all instructions.

      Look forward to talking to you in Discord.

      Blessings Jule

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