Spirit Press 14th July 2021

Hello all, hope this finds you all vibing high and positioned well for our upcoming movements in the market!

Today I have some of the altcoin requests.

Keanu – Inu would like to thank Tnguygen123 for bringing my attention to this one because I think it’s another that I think could be a good opportunity for low investment for a bit later.

This is a new project but I do get that it has good Energy – yes. Good Investment – Maybe not so much this year but it will get some movement for sure this year but not huge. But next year yes it is a good investment, but I would get a bit now with a super low buy for next year. Trouble is not the easiest to get with only Uniswap.

So, this year I only get it getting to .00000003 but that is coming from currently now nothing. Next year I get it getting to .008 in 2022 and when asking, the liquidity will be there. I like this one because I got guided Yes, to buy it, and well it is so early and another one to put in the basket of wildcard opportunities that could bring mega wealth for next to little investment.

I did only get it lasting about 5 years this one. I am not expecting it to be huge but a good little wild card for sure for those that want to be in for the win.

Ok let’s look at BONE – Shibaswap for BRPL Ben is currently around $4.80 at this read. This has OK energy, could get much in the way of good energy for it but O.K. It is O.K to yes as far as an investment for this year and next year 2022. So yes this year will get past its all-time high and reaching as far as $21 in 2021. In 2022 I got it getting to as high as $65 after having about a 60% drop from the $21 so that is a very good recovery.

As far as longevity, something happens with this in 2023. Not saying that it won’t be here then but am saying very hard to get good investment for it in 2023 as not getting it is then. This project collaborates or changes and this affects the price and performance.

VSN Network for Mau – 0.000934 at thus read. Good Energy – Yes, Good investment? No, not really, not yet in 2021. Yes ok in 2022 well only getting to around 0.02 in 2022 but does better later on in 2023.  Will be here for a long while as am getting 2027 – 2028. Do not want to spend too much time on this when I don’t get it doing much at all. Best to look at its energy later on down the track.

 Ok well, that’s all I have time for today.

Keep your vibes high everyone! For those who are interested in elevating their energy signature to vibrating as a mega-millionaire. I have just done a Youtube -Abundance & Wealth building, that could be worth you watching giving some food for thought. So look for that one.

Namaste blessings of abundance your cup flowing over, Jule

Author: Jule