Spirit Press 16th July 2021 & Meditation gift

Hope you are all well!

So today I have done a meditation exercise video for you all, I hope you will take the time to watch, as just by watching it will bring you knowledge and upliftment in resonance to bring the flow of abundance in. If you can listen to it and practicing a bit more regularly would also be greatly beneficial. At the end I do ask Spirit on behalf of the Platinum group members so stay to listen all the way through.

Here it is here – https://youtu.be/8PhtRfoKp1k

Please do not listen whilst driving, and sit comfortably with time to take it the resonance with video brings. Blessings🙏

Ok today I have SparkPoint for Yancy401

This one has good Energy, yes!  Is it a good investment? Its just ok this year it will get back to its All-Time-high of 0.02 it will get only just past that to 0.025. It will drop a lot in the upcoming drop in the market after this next run up. Losing value of around 80% which is a lot. I did get told to but this but not yet, not until it drops in the next drop now because it could be slightly lower than what it is now.

I got that it does do better towards the end of 2022, it’s just a bit early now. It’s a good project, with a great ecosystem, it’s just that it’s slow at the moment is what I got. And even because of the recovery it will have to go through next year will be slow most of 2022, only getting back to 0.027. 2023 seeings it doing better at 0.20 and even better in 2024.

The SparkLearn is good, The SparkDiFi will be good and the SparkEarn is slow, needs more attention.

Ok Checking on XRP for Mikemm33 So after checking today it is only getting back to around its all-time high this year. Just past it at around $3.60 is what I got when asking Spirit today. I am sorry I know this must be very frustrating it’s just not getting to previous predictions now until next year.

And even when it does reach the $3.60 in the height of the run, it will slowly lose value by about 70%. Taking its recovery slower than previously thought. This needs to be looked at again after it had it’s run up and then drop to see where it is then.

The SEC investigation will be slow and drawn out. I do not get it resolved until 2023.

Ok, that’s all I have for you now, Please coin request on Discord now for next week. Especially if you have not had a coin request done in the last 2 weeks. If you have put in a personal request I am doing those and at the moment not taking any more of those. As I have more of those to do than coin requests at the moment. Thank you for your patience with these…………….. So Yes to coin requests for next week’s readings so I can keep the flow of these going!

Blessings Jule

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  1. Thank you very much for reading xrp if it reaches $3.00 this year it will be okay .
    The Sec is going to draw it out as long as possible like you said ,we just have to be patient …
    hopefully all the other alts I have can make the run I need to be comfortable …
    Thank You Again Joseph LaMonica

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