Baby Shark

This is a great project. Spirit does like the energy of it. I got yes very good Energy, a really good feeling. And yes, it is a good investment.

This will run on popularity as it’s namesake the song. But not only that it is really doing great things to clean up the ocean and remove the plastic. It has also partnered with ERTH Token and together they are donating part of every token to help clean up the planet.

So, I got this year it will get to 0.005 which is huge from where it currently is. If this comes to pass at today’s rate 0.00000000682 could make you an incredibly wealthy person.

It does have a decent 60% drop down in price from this point along with all of the crypto market at that time, being the upcoming drop in the market for the end of the year. However I get this recovers very well taking it to 2022 high price of around – 0.06 and in 2023 I got it getting to 0.15

It will be around for a while this one doing great work. The team has good intentions and I got from Spirit they will for fill those intentions to restore the oceans.

The partnership with ERTH token making it even stronger as ERTH token intention is bring corporations in to assist the funding.

So yes this project is good!

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Author: Jule