Spirit Press 19th July 2021 & Platinum members Video

Hello Beautiful Souls, Hope you are all well and enjoyed your weekend!

I have done a video to give more info and to save me time typing all results out. Taking a check on the market, Ocean Protocol, XLM, KIN, and SWFTX exchange.

Platinum Members Only video – https://youtu.be/AIXUCfAgbWQ

Ocean Protocol for Kevin, currently 0.37 Does it have good Energy = Ok Energy. Good Investment = Yes ok in 2021, I don’t get it gets back to ATH this year but will in 2022. So for 2021 the highest is $1.25 and 2022 will get as high as $6.60

Longevity is to 2028.

For SKAR a check on XLM and KIN please see in the video. The highest price for XLM = $12 in 2021 all other prices current and unchanged for next year and 2023.

Kin still reaches – 0.10 this year with today’s check. And others prices are still current for next year.

Asking about an Australian exchange for Ange E is Swyftx exchange – See video for more detail but I got this has good energy and is a safe exchange to use. Should never store large amounts long-term on exchanges though.

So, ultimately we are still going to get a run to bull time just taking longer and testing our resolve.

Blessings to you all, Jule

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