21st July 2021 what’s going on with the market?

Ok, yesterday BTC dropped just under 30k and this triggered concern with what I was getting. As I have said before BTC is notoriously hard to predict as it is so manipulated in the matrix system……… Like I read the energy, above it, out of the matrix and then it gets manipulated by numerous strings pulling on it.

The Altcoins don’t have this same amount of manipulation and so are clearer to read.

So today this is what I got –

NEW INFO – BTC will drop down sometime in the timeline of now through August to around 25k. That is the lowest I got, but as you know I could be wrong. But when asking Spirit is saying not lower than the 25k that will be the bottom for the moment. This bottoming will of course affect all the rest. So, in the meantime, the Altcoins will go lower too some of them, not all of them. Some are at the bottom pretty much now and will just go sideways the really good ones.

Once BTC gets to the bottom area of 25k then the Altcoins will start to traverse higher is what I got today.

So, when asking about our next run for timing, I have been trying to pinpoint, but as you know pinpointing and guarantees for timing are not assured with this crazy never-ending moving market. Today after checking again, I got the highest months for gains will be September, October, and into November as well. So, I get it’s still coming!  When asking and trying to get an idea as to the strength of the high time in the market coming. I get that it will be as good as Feb, March & April this year highs were for most of the Altcoin market. However, it does all depend on how each individual person has their portfolio positioned.

So, for members of Platinum group from Spirit, it is good to have your portfolio diversified in not just a couple but spread into a few. Some members are too heavy in only one or two Altcoins. Whilst these alts will do well, maybe not the highest this year but could be waiting longer into 2022.

Now not everyone wants to cash out, Like myself, I get about 50% of you do want to cash some out this year and the rest will HODL and wait for higher runs next year.

Personally, seeking further guidance myself, especially with this latest shift in the market, has me doubting myself. But also, I just have to be, in the what will be, will be, energy! And keep my faith.

Asking Spirit today about my own Altcoin portfolio it will grow by 300% overall in this next run-up.

I also drew some Tarot for myself in which I do not do hardly ever. I get Knight of wands – wisdom & strength but sometimes to quick, must not forget to check the details but can also indicate a change in direction. Since I was asking for myself in relation to crypto market offering financial security. A change in direction is good especially with the accompanying cards. Next to it sat the 10 of cups which represents completion, to happy home, beginning new, next phase, abundance, plentiful and blessings coming in. Next to it sits the 4 of cups whilst this offers some security it does also represent discontent, a reminder to shift energy and not focus on the negative otherwise there will be missed opportunities………… So at the moment, it is with this new information coming in, taking me all my strength to shift focus.

The rest of the cards in my spread are the 9 Pentacles is abundance and again some completion, mastery of goals, financial success and security. Next to this lays the 9 of wands which is the energy of taking a rest after a long hard effort. Also reminding this is not the time to give up or stop. So I thought that this card was just perfect for how I was feeling. This card (see pic) he is knelt down on one knee, gathering the last of his strength to muster for the final push……….. Perseverance is the key! With courage and determination, your triumphant moment awaits.   And then the final card to grace my spread is the Page of Pentacles and I get this as represented of an event. Good news coming in, usually fairly fast a new journey, new project.

So in all this tarot reading represents things unfolding and changing financially for the better. And if they are to change for me, they will also change for the better for you. As we are in the same altcoins and resonating on similar paths. This is why I wanted to share this reading with you.

By no means is it a completion to all your wealth dreams come true this year but it is well and truly an up on your path to realizing more than you ever have. It’s a journey we are all on, our own abundant soul growth journey.

As I said I am relooking and checking all the Crypto Report 1 because it is more tied to the timeline and I’m not doing it all in one go as I am getting conflicting energy. I don’t think some of the prices will get hit this year now. I actually feel sick when I think about that because I have not wanted to guide you wrong. I just think its going to take longer for some of those high prices especially Theta, it seems is way out from what I am getting today. Cannot give a final price on it yet for this year as want to check it a few more times. I have tried grounding to clear this energy of what I am feeling but I obviously haven’t cleared the energy yet.

I will check and recheck CR 1 over the next few days as I want to be more confident of what I am getting again………………. When I had previously checked in June, we were good, it all seemed quite clear and easy to get the prices I did. I feel frustrated that the 2021 prices are seeming out now………… And it does come from the change of energy information I got today and yesterday. I had continuously got not under 30 k so now that has changed.

I still think we will get good gains and not all the altcoin prices are out but I need to focus on this at the moment because I wasn’t getting this before. This drop under the 30k mark for BTC has triggered something and certainly made me doubt myself, some energy, it’s not completely clear to me.

 Hope you all understand! There are a few of you with personal requests I will eventually get to, I need to focus on this at the moment but will come back to you with your requests once I have sorted this and cleared this energy.

I am still getting good abundance gain coming in though as confirmed in the Tarot today, It is probably like the last push through a blip in the road, it feels heavy to me…………

So really need to add again this is all not financial advice, there are no guarantees. Tying spiritual work to timelines is the hardest of all and why most won’t do it. The prices will get hit however I am sorry they could take longer. That’s the best I can offer at the moment whilst I sort this energy out.


Author: Jule

4 thoughts on “21st July 2021 what’s going on with the market?”

  1. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
    I can only assume most of us in the platinum group are here for the long run.

    Thank you for your insight. Love it.
    Lets ride the wave, and plan. Plan and plan even more..

  2. You should not feel fault on your end. We appreciate all that you do. There are many of us in several forums. As you say, do your own research – One thing I have learned in the last few years of messages from spirit and this crypto market…it NEVER happens the way you THINK or expect it will happen!

    “Doubt whom you will, but NEVER doubt yourself” —Christine Bovee

    You ROCK Jule! Keep it up! We got your back!

    • Oh, thank you so much William for your beautiful words of wisdom.
      I appreciate your support so much!
      Blessings always🙏

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