Spirit Press 22nd July 2021

Thank you so much for your incredible support and upliftment of late. So, I checked the energy again today with Spirit and tried now that we are back over 30k at the moment to see if that was it. To see if we would now stay above it and unfortunately no, I still get we could drop as low as the 25k

This means there is some still bit lower prices in Altcoins to come. This is an incredible opportunity though. It really is an amazing opportunity and quite exciting when you think about it. So today I do sit in that excitement as that was what was shown me.

Highlighted to the fact that I am looking at CR 1 and I will take a bit longer with a focus only on 2021 prices. I will confirm these prices by delving deeper into each. Don’t worry I will have the complete update redone in a new updated CR 1 in a few days’ time. But in the meantime, this is what I have by looking more thoroughly.

So Sav had asked about PUNDIX and today I took a more thorough look at.

PundiX -New, currently around 0.92, unfortunately for this I don’t get it going anywhere to great this year. But next year it does do so much better. The highest I can get for it the new is $2.50 but I did mix up the two, the old and the new when talking to spirit about them.

Seems the old one still has good energy and could go on a bit of a run.

The new has good energy and will be around for a long time, getting 2030. It is a good investment next year is what I got today. So 2022 for PundiX between $27 – $34. I don’t get any issues with it going forward and will be good gains next year.

The other Altcoins that have not changed much this year’s prices are Polkadot, Eth Classic, and DENT so far the other ones for 2021 have changed. As I repeat myself, I am taking the time to check and recheck these prices spread over some days. To try to seek more accuracy. I’m not moving on to checking an altcoin until I can get consistency with what I have been asking so far. Need to do it this way.

These are a couple of new coin requests I have never looked at before –

Ok so asking today for Divi Project for Willy Ronka – DIVI is currently around 0.04. Yes, this is Good Energy and Good investment is better next year. It will be around medium to long term, getting 2028 at least.  I didn’t get it getting back to its All-time-high this year though, I just can’t seem to get it much past 0.055 this year in 2021. Next year 2022 it does much better and reached 0.27 it is a good project just feel still early days. It’s a good team and great prices will come in the future.

I also have Celer Network – CELR for Star444 this is currently 0.02, with an ATH of 0.10. This has O.K energy and OK investment this year but do get it could have some issues this year. It will be here for a long time, getting 2029. This year problems could be scaling issues, it will take a decent amount of time to sort this out…………….. I get the end of 2022 it will become a good investment.  However, in the meantime this year, it will still get past its ATH to around 0.15 with all the hype and run coming.

Sometimes I do not know why I get what I get, and at times it does not make sense to the logical mind but remind myself to keep the logical mind out of things and just deliver what spirit gives me.

Ok, I leave it there for now.

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule