Spirit Press 23rd July 2021 Theta, ONE & Matic

Hi all, hope you are well!

So I have been continuing to check the Crypto report 1 and I am getting there. I have discovered a new way of asking Spirit and that is if a particular Altcoin will run this year. I know sounds simple, but I was not asking that before and now I am. It is making a huge difference!

As I know many of you would like to know if you should be topping up certain altcoins for this run, right! As they will all go higher but in what timeline, some just so much better than others and well that’s what I am trying to pinpoint. Remember when talking with Spirit it is not like talking to a human mind, it is very different. They do not think/understand like we do our human minds.

So, along with getting clarity and rechecking prices I am asking will this project RUN this year 2021. Well so far this has been interesting.

This is what I have so far regarding Altcoins having a big Energy RUN –

No to THETA – whilst Theta is Good Energy and a Good Investment it will not have another RUN hyper energy this year. It will go up, not a problem and make steady gain in the next upwards bull run time. But the energy of Theta is not everyone talking about it this year. It will make gains yes and I have checked this now over a few days and the highest I am getting for it this year is $36. That’s a huge difference to what I was getting before… And it dropping only 30 – 40% at end of year, new year time……………….. So it will definitely go up and make steady progress but not huge hype energy around it again until next year. In 2022 it will gather hype excitement energy again.     So, when I had previously read this I was getting the hype energy, that’s what I was honing into when the prices came then.

Now it is steady slower growth and gains. It will be here for the long run at least 2030. Hence the Good Energy and Good Investment.

Ok, I am getting a bigger RUN energy for MATIC – Polygon matic. I had a quick look at this because I am asking what I should be topping up a little on. And this was one of them.  Do not sell your matic whatever you do!

So, this is in CR 2 and there is no timeline on it but I am getting it will have a run this year 2021. I do get it will run up to around $15 this year before dropping by 60% to recover and run again next year to $60 in 2022.

You may not be thinking that’s as great gains, as I don’t look at multiples like you do but instead Energy. This is still great confident Energy and that has to count for something.

Harmony ONE is another I am getting will RUN this year 2021. For its low now around 0.06 the multiples on this is better.

Harmony One great energy and good investment. I get this will have a RUN up to about 0.90 – $1 range this year and even better next year. I was getting $1 – $2 for this before and its previous ATH was 0.22 in March 2021. This one is a real good one for a run this year!

And…….If you haven’t got this and started staking it, then you should! Since buying this last September I have earned over 1000 tokens just for staking it so well worth it.

Ok so others that will have RUN this year will be –


And XRP I got a maybe on a bit of a run, but note it was not a full yes but maybe.

Now let’s be clear I am still clarifying prices on all of these. If I did not mention one in CR 1 it is because Spirit did not give a clear RUN for it for 2021. Look at Theta as an example, not saying it won’t do well as they will. But clarifying clearly with Spirit today in discussion about an altcoin having a Run. Then if a particular Altcoin is not mentioned in CR 1 (have not done CR 2 yet) then no they don’t run in Spirit saying yes, they instead make steady gains.

I feel that Spirit saying yes to RUN on a project is picking up the collective conscious energy of it and hype people talking about it in this next run up. Don’t forget there will be many moving but which will have hype energy charging them even higher. That’s the discussion today with Spirit.

I hope I have explained myself well for everyone to understand me and what I am trying to do here. I personally feel like this is a bit of a break through on clarifying further.

And remember I am honing and defining my skills, this is not financial advice.

Blessings all, Jule

Author: Jule