Spirit press 5th July 2021

Hope you are all enjoyed your weekend! Especially that you got to get outside and ground your energy somewhere in Nature. Whether it just be to the park to take the dog, the kids or picnic with a loved one, just getting out and enjoying some sunshine and nature, is such great medicine and a blessing we all take for granted. At least lockdown makes us appreciate sharing time outside with loved ones… That is the positive about it. Lol……..

It’s the sunshine that provides, growth & healing. It’s the connection to mother Gia, earth and nature in all her glory that grounds our energy. Especially removing old heavy EMF energy from too much technology time on our devices………… Being in nature is our birthright and connection to everything, its pristine beauty has so much learning, abundance and beauty for us. Just look for the beauty that surrounds you and you will find it if you seek…………Of course if you don’t go looking you won’t find it too! Walking barefoot in nature, the beach if you can, will replenish you, it does remove dense energy and also pain both physical and emotional pain, it is the great recharger and natural healer.

Even if you have made a fortune in your life when on your death bed, it is the last look at the beach or nature you will want to see. Not your millions of dollars, yes, your loved ones but more importantly the last look through these eyes at nature/ocean in all her glory.

This was just to remind us to seek abundant beauty and be in appreciation always!

Ok can let’s have a look at some Altcoins for you!

I have PARSIQ – PQR for Darcy, at the time of reading this was 0.69 it may be a bit higher now as we have gone up a bit. Yes, this has good Energy. And yes, this is a good Investment. 2021 will be back to All-Time-High, just over but it does drop like 75% in this next downward time but makes a nice strong recovery in 2022. This is a good project and in 2022 get it to $12.50 and its strength will continue for years to come. It’s longevity Im seeing it in 2027 and in 2023 this one will be well over $100 so in all it is good.

XPRT for William47, apparently, I may have read this before. I cannot remember and no idea what I got last time. I need a filing system but don’t have really. When doing this read it was $8.18 This does have good Energy and is medium – good Investment – yes! 2021 will see it getting back close to its ATH but not quite. 2021 – $16 is what I got. It does do a drop of around 60% in the next drop time and so recovery is good in 2022 taking it too $39. Its longevity I am getting here in 2027

Now, Asking for Louie8361 – Caleb & Brown. Yes, this cryptocurrency brokerage has good Energy. It is authentic. It will stay around a long time, I get it still here in 10 years time……. So for this next run timeline, it is safe to transfer crypto and receive your exchange in Fiat. Don’t leave funds with them a long time, just do the transaction is what I got. Doing the transaction is fine and you will receive funds. I don’t see any negative energy around the exchange they want to do the right thing. They are after a good reputation. I do feel if funds are left there long period could be some human error though. Its only what I got. Just do your transaction and receive your funds. Then start afresh for new transaction when the time comes. Not sure why I am getting this.

Ok that’s all I have for you today, I want to get this uploaded.

Blessings all, enjoy the sun and nature!


Author: Jule