Newsletter Platinum members July 2021

Hello, and happy July Beautiful Soul Members!

As we go forward, I am feeling very optimistic that we are getting closer to a more healthy time again in the market. Even though I get that July will be slower moving, it will still have some moving up momentum. For BTC I got will stay in this range most of July moving higher towards the end of July.

In the meantime the Alts will start to move more. They will gravitate higher. So, at the end of the month higher. I got this is the last chance lowest for the moment prices for most of the Alts.

As I said I am starting to reach out to you all personally via Discord (so it means I do need to know who/your Addy name on Discord to msg you). I am doing this to build connection and support and so this group will support you with the unfolding going forward. If I did not personally reach out to Kevin123 we would not have learned of his positive to covid. Therefore, not sent him our support and well wishes. Thank you all for doing that btw. He is doing much better today I am happy to report.

As I said this is for personal support, so if it is something very Time pressing important then you can reach out to me but otherwise over the month of July, I will reach out to you. Understand there is only me as Mel is away busy with her own stuff atm. I will still call on Mel for any IT issues that arise.

Can you ask a question, for me to ask Spirit?  Yes, if it is important and you urgently need assistance with either a financial, health or your energy vibration matter………. I can give you ideas that are channelled from Spirit that will help support you going forward if you choose to accept them.

Also, it has been bought to my attention by Pommy Jay that we should perhaps start to focus on the cashing out time next, with regard to exchanges. I agree this is important, so perhaps for me to look at an exchange for you, if it is going to be safe to keep money on it? Are you going to be able to cash out into fiat? Or hold and wait in stable coin to buy again later (could be weeks -months) to buy back on the low? Will this be safe?

So, questions on Exchanges and questions to spirit on Stable coins, should all be part of the coin request. As I only have so much time…………When asking – State clearly your ask for example Exchange – or Stable coin – USDT. This just saves me time if I may be unfamiliar. Each country has many different exchanges and coins of their own, many I may have never heard of before……………………….. So, if you haven’t coin requested in that last week – or so, perhaps this should be something you may like to know. Jay, perhaps reach out to some members and do a vote up. Do we need a separate members voting room do you think?  You should be able to tag each other to get another’s attention on the server.

I have just updated CR 2

With CR 2 all prices are checked and if it has a date/year it’s the new timing I got when I checked with Spirit today. If there is no year next to the boxes amount it means Yes, it’s the same – Maybe to reaching price this year 2021. Know that Spirit gives maybe answer when the Energy/price is undecided yet. Like it may get to that price or close, so I can’t rule it out……. Most unchanged prices in boxes are Yes to this year but remember CR 2 has no timeline. Just boxes that will get hit at some stage in the next timeline of the year unfolding……….. I am offering you my members this added insight on timing. Which is not in the main CR 2 2021/2022.

With regard to CR 2 2021/2022 I got I should buy Wanchain and this another I sold some to fund buying apartment.  So I got told to buy more today!  Thinking there is a few Im really partial to more than others in CR 2 and they are – BCH, LTC, LINK, ONE, OMG, QTUM, IOTA, LRC, POLY, Matic and UKT. As some have got really low and good buying now. I have not added these drop prices to CR 2 but if members are interested they could be asked for in Coin Requests as part of your requests for me to look more into each one of these. Get its drop price and checks its recovery 2022 price. Understand I can only do this by looking at each one thoroughly one at a time. I am aiming to keep to 3 – 4 different types question in one sitting otherwise the energy gets tired.

Anyway that option is there so what do you think?

 I am hoping to make the Discord much more supportive, user friendly and a great place to check in! Also, when I reach out to you, if you please share with me if you are regular TA, you consider yourself good at it and been doing for a while. Would be perhaps great to combine our skills. Whilst I cannot possibly be checking on the micro timeframe but can for macro. I do very much want to support all of us in here with our next few months moves.

I also want to know if you are psychic/intuitive and are getting info? I know some of you are and we need to support this as well, as combine as many as possible intel for the whole of the group.

Do you think we need a Premonitions Room?

I have asked here in Private these questions but please vote/reply in Discord – General your answers over next few days. This will help make our Discord great!

Author: Jule

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  1. Hi Jule,

    Thanks for the timely report! Want to check with you based on the the input, does it mean that the probable time period where Alts will rise is somewhere near end of July till October 2021?


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