5th August 2021 – CR 2 Alts + others

This is a look at CR 2 alts the same way I did CR 1……………Not Financial advice, prices are never set as exact, just what I got when I chatted with my guides this week. Some could always run higher, I feel I am being conservative after reading some other psychics predictions as of late whilst trying to gather information confirmations of selling out after the run.

You can also see what I am selling and own above. I have not worked out what I am selling from CR 1 yet.

I am starting to get a better picture of what’s unfolding but am a bit hesitant to share as some of you perhaps do not like the darker energy coming with the information. I have to give the truth that I get and don’t forget we live in a duality reality timeline of positive and negative energy. We are also in the midst of a spiritual war and this is all part of it…….. Part of the reason why crypto will go high it’s all part of the plan. I will keep checking my work over the next few days and give a warning before posting this kind of info.

Author: Jule