Spirit Press 6th August 2021

Ok here is a clearer layout of the Altcoins from CR 2 and some others I added.

Remember nothing is set in stone, just use it as a guide only as we cannot possibly anchor into a timeline but from asking Spirit this week, this is what I got and so are sharing with you. I have asked about the price run to see if they will run. Virtually All Altcoins will run higher in this run, so don’t worry, use this as a guide to get an idea as that’s what I do. The popularity run is to see if people are talking about it, it’s just another way to try and get an idea of the energy and run. And such the potential energetic level hype. But I will say again virtually all will be running so hard to get hype when they are all doing well and energy excitement is high again. I am just giving it as an idea and thought you may be interested.

AltcoinPrice RunPopularity Energy RunPrice High 2021Drop %
BCHyesno$70050 – 60
ONEyesyes2.5070 – 80
PAYyesNot Popular but talked about6.7080
DOSnono0.20 – 0.2560
KDAnoyes$3 – $3.2060
LRCyesyes$8 – $970
HOTnono0.08 – 0.1060
XDCyesyes$9 – $1070
ERTHyesyes0.035 – 0.0440

Ok, hopefully I transferred all the digits correctly as I wrote this out. Believe I have.

 Confirmed again today there is incredible wealth coming. So enjoy this opportunity!

I have also read today –

UNIDEXBOT for Rocco – UNDB is currently $439.93

Good Energy? = No, Good Investment? = No but will get to around $500 is the hype run whereby they will all run higher. 

Not getting it will last through. Be here in 2022? = Maybe. Here in 2023? = No

Read also Falcon Nine – F9 for Mau 0.01 currently

Good Energy? = OK. Good Investment? = Yes Ok

2021 = OK $0.05

2022 does better is good energy Spirit says = $0.27

2023 = OK

Longevity here to 2025

Stablecoin – BUSD for Pommy Jay

Sorry, I don’t get this as safe long-term. It’s ok right now but as things start to unfold Nov 2021– April 2022 I don’t get it as safe to long-term hold. For quick exchanging, it could be fine.

Ok, I am going to take a much-needed long weekend break. As Yes, I have found the lockdown and the information, I have been getting from others very tiring.  Fingers crossed we are out of lockdown on Sunday afternoon and if we are I want to go and visit my daughters as I have missed them greatly, with, us being out of the 10 km range and police checks on our roads, huge fines for breeches here just not worth the risk. So I cannot wait to see my family.

So I ask you all to put in your coin requests over the weekend and I will start doing them all from Tuesday.  Put in all your coin requests and I will try to churn them out for you. If you all don’t mind as much detail I should be able to get through a lot.

This will be your last opportunity for coin requests so you are welcome to give me a couple. I will get through them all as quickly as I can over the next 2 – 3 weeks before memberships start to expire. Then I ask you to not renew your membership please if your focus is predominately on crypto-only and you are not interested in the financial shift that is so obviously happening. Which is the energy I have coming in. In September I will be focusing more on the unfolding of what’s happening at the end of the year and next year and no longer on reading Altcoins. I did mention this before. So I understand for some of you it’s not what you joined membership.

Don’t worry you can still remain in Discord to chat to people in there for support.

Blessings all, Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!

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