Spirit Press 10th Aug 2021

Well, hello Everyone, Hope you are all well!

I still get we are in for an amazing run coming, this is going to be a very exciting time again to be crypto. I have started doing some of your coin requests today for you and will try to keep solely focused on those, although it is extremely difficult now as others in my Telegram groups are in a lot of worry and fear with the real fact the screws are tightening here in Australia regarding getting the vaccine. The pressure is on big time here.

Anyway, let’s look at Telcoin for Skar its currently at 0.018 with an ATH of 0.064

Does it have good Energy? No not what I am getting sorry.

Is it a Good Investment? Not really, can’t get much on from spirit except no.

However, for those in it, It does get back to yes to its All-time-high, maybe just past in 2021.

Its longevity is not here in 2023. Sorry!

Now with the huge unfolding that will play out in the coming months, more and more I am getting after this high run and then into the bear market that possibly a good 50% of the Altcoins will not come back online afterward. Then after that, some will recover but then still a furthermore will continue to fade out in a few years.

Ok let’s look at EverRise – RISE for VenusV  this is 0.00000005 with ATH 0.00000008

Does it have good Energy? No  Is it a good Investment? Yes kinda but not really in 2021, well it does get back to its ATH but that’s not saying much but I do not get it moving up a decimal point.

But in the end of 2022 it does better to .009 and better still in 2023 apparently spirit says.

Its longevity is not good as fades out in 2024. Unless something changes!

Mantra Dao – (OM) for Starr444 is currently 0.17 with an ATH of 0.86

Was really hoping this one was going to be really good! Not just ok!

Does it have good Energy? Spirit says NO

Is it a Good Investment? Spirit says Yes will get back to its all-time high this year 2021. Possibly just past to 0.95.

2022 does see it recover well and getting to around $9 but 2023 Spirit does not see it as a good investment.

Its longevity is only to 2026 and then gone after that.

New York Coin – NYC for Louie is currently 0.000062 with an ATH of 0.0011

Does it have good Energy? No sorry not getting that from Spirit.

Is it a Good Investment? Yes, Ok but nothing fantastic.

2021 Does nearly get back to ATH but not quite at 0.0008

2022 does better getting to 0.09 will be end of the year.

Its longevity is it fades away around 2026 or so.

Ok, I will have more for you tomorrow. Yes if you would like to coin request please do on Discord under Coin-Reading discussion. As Yes next month I will not be focusing on coin requests at all. So please take the opportunity to get them in now and this week. I will close them off at the end of this week and hoping everyone gets an opportunity to request and get their coins read. I will continue reading them all to I get through them over the next week or so. At this stage, I will leave reading the exchanges to next month after these coin requests.

Blessings to all, Jule

Author: Jule