Spirit Press 11th Aug 2021

Hello beautiful Souls, hope you are all well!

Here are some Stable coin confirmations for ROSAD27 – Please note I did not spend a lot of time asking more detail to get more information at this time. Which when I have more will get to get more information.

USDC – Yes fine store on cold wallet up to 3 yrs fine, not sure after that. Something happens didn’t have time to get more detail.

TUSD – No sorry do not get as safe as Spirit says.

PAXG – Yes good to store on cold wallet 5 years good.

BAO Finance for Clem and MikeMM33. Is currently 0.00098 with ATH 0.00317

Does it have good Energy?  Yes

Is it a Good Investment?  No, not really.

Sorry, don’t get 2021 will do that much. In 2022 yes it will get back to All-time high.

2023 will have its best moves Spirit says. 2024 no not much again

Its longevity to 2027

Traders are getting excited about this one but I’m sorry what I am getting from Spirit is not that. Unless the traders/Youtubers can get more people hyping it up, perhaps can change its outcome. But I am not getting that.

Shiba Inu – SHIB for Darcy and ArbB. Currently – 0.0000076 ATH – 0.0000379

Does it have good Energy? No – OK

Is it a Good Investment? Yes

2021 Yes back to ATH and as high as maybe 0.04

2022 – No, as the bear slumbers nearly all 2022 I get an 80% drop

2023 – Yes it comes good again.

Its longevity at around 2028

Casino Coin – CSC for Tnguyen5123  currently 0.004119  with ATH 0.53

This looked like a really good opportunity but unfortunately, that’s not what I got.

Does it have good Energy?  No

Is it a Good Investment? Yes

2021 will get to 0.01 2022 at the end of the year yes back to ATH

2023 it gets to 0.90…………….. So for me, a think a bit disappointing.

Its longevity is to 2025 is what I get.

Happy mid-week everyone, direct your focus and keep your vibes high in the knowledge that you have abundance tucked in your back pocket. Grow that feeling, the feeling when you think to yourself ” I have a plan, a crypto plan to abundance” When you think about that, does it not make you feel good! Well grow that resonance you feel within yourself about being in crypto right on the precipice of this the Bull run. That’s how you bring in and anchor in the wealth to make it yours. Then you are not shocked when it comes, you are instead ready, as you expect it and so can take real and take full advantage of it! Lionsgate portal is still open to take advantage of magical manifesting right now!

Blessing from Jule – Goddess Creative wisdom 🙏

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  1. Thank you, Jule. I love opening new posts from you full of positivity. So happy we have the internet during these stressful times. Your energy is so refreshing!

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