Spirit Press 4th August 2021 – XDC

Hi all, hope you are well!

Today I am looking at XDC for you!

XDC Network – XinFin XDC

Is part of the Occult coins like XRP and XLM which is why I have looked at it.

XDC currently dropping, I haven’t got mine yet as I got today could get a low as around 0.05 buy-in possibly.

Does it have good Energy? No. Is it a good investment? Yes

This is a highly manipulated altcoin, please know they just print more coins, it does not have a set supply.  XDC I believe is for institutional use. Whereas XRP will be for retail use.

Currently 0.07 with an ATH of 0.14

I get 2021 – $9.00 and will have a 70% drop in the drop time

2022 – comes back really strong most likely from July and hitting a high of $66 September.

And in 2023 – I get $133

Look I am having a really hard time lately with this lockdown and all this energy regarding crash and even worse scenarios regarding covid and vaccinations. The energy is super intense and all about separation making if you live on your own very isolating. Not only that the density fear I am picking up is quite intense. Scary the incentives happening to get the jab and then many psychics are saying the fallout comes much later with ill health and loss of life. I’m not giving my opinion here I just do not want to stop my intuition flow and know for sure getting the jab will do that. This is a huge massive time to juggle such decisions thrust upon us.

Lockdown is hard for everyone and very hard on people’s energy. This is very difficult if you are an Empath. As we pick up people’s energy and usually just going to the beach to pick up others’ energy of fun and joy is such a thrill. Not permitted at the moment beaches are closed here. This lockdown is very strict. Everywhere you look people are closed, sad and energy is low. It’s very sad.

So along with this lockdown and the fear info I am picking up from other psychic intel in my groups is basically all about warnings.  So, it is important that I at least tell you and you can make up your own mind.

Here is a video I want to share that is worth listening to, please note this guy is quite crass/rude so ignore that and just listen to the information could be quite important. This was shared in my private telegram group and I want to share it with you, for you to make up your own mind.

All in all, there really is something going down, it is all the talk in my TG groups. Today I checked and I do get it very important to make sure you have a cold wallet to store your crypto even in stable coin. I confirmed this today. Very very important no other wallets will be safe I feel.

I am checking daily on all information coming in but am not ready to share yet until I have confirmed my end. There is a lot of quite scary information coming in and I want to confirm. This is not the first time mind you. I have experienced this last year from info in my groups about the great reset when was expected and outage and days of darkness and well that didn’t happen. It’s not to say it’s never going to happen perhaps the timing was out and now is neigh.

Blessings Jule

Author: Jule

2 thoughts on “Spirit Press 4th August 2021 – XDC”

  1. moving all coins to cold storage is a daunting task, not to mention the huge fees on some of these on the ERC-20 network. I was hoping this would be a fun and exciting time…I don’t like the dark cloud picture being painted.

    • I don’t like it either and what I am sharing is conservative from what others are saying………….. Please above all else follow your own intuition and do what is best for you. That’s all I can suggest! For a lot of time I am about keeping vibes high and ignoring fear dark cloud info. However, it would be extremely stupid or selfish of me not to share, not to let people know what I am getting and what other psychics are getting. In my own integrity, I give what I get and you do with it what you choose. Knowledge is power, it’s all your own choice never forget that!

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